Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Home Alone

"stubborn as a mule" "tenacious as a bulldog" "independent little cuss" ~~ Are you talkin' about ME?!!

I suppose "it takes one to know one" because as much as he tried, Tom's 85 year old white haired mom would Not be convinced to come home with him and stay with us for a few days, or even just one day.
We promised we'd take her right back, as soon as the power came back on, but she would have none of it.
It's not that she doesn't like it at our house, Im SURE thats not it! It's just that she Likes being home and I so completely understand that! 

She knows what she's doing.  She's got good help, and most of all She's In God's Hands! (His record of caring for her is pretty good so far ;)
So Tom got the generator started, plugged in the fridge,
(this photo was from last week, 6".  Since then she got 16"!!)

stacked up the wood,


propped up a leaning tree she was concerned about,

           fixed a piece of the fence that the snow pushed over and checked in with the nearby neighbors.
(This is what TJ found when he got there)

He took mom out to dinner & then made sure she was all 'tucked in' before he came back home.


How many girls get to say that they're married to their hero?

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