Friday, March 25, 2011

it's just an Experiment

TJ doesnt know this, and he hardly EVER reads my stuff unless I pull it up and stick it under his NOSE at which point he KNOWS he better read it and make some kind of  NOTEworthy, wonderfully encouraging comment, so chances are he will continue to Not know what Im talking about here because I dont intend to show this one to him and he wont hear it from you, right?!!

Okaaaaaay, so what he doesn't know is that I've challenged myself to Not buy any new cloths this year, all year!  I know it sounds crazy, but for me this year, it's just an experiment for reasons Ill discuss another time and, so far so good.  And lets just watch and see if TJ even NOtices =))).

I said cloths, but what about Shoes?  This experiment doesn't necessarily apply to SHOES, does it?

this is the pinecone part of me

Because I found these fantastic shoes at my favorite Tractor Supply Store and they Fit So Perfectly and they're so comfortable and I can wear them practically Every Day, all day long, and I Just Love These Shoes!!!


             Happy Firday!

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  1. I was just looking at shoes at Tractor Supply this morning - sooo tempting!