Thursday, March 31, 2011


We have some of the BEST friends in the world.  I mean it.  Gods mercy in my life is so beyond what I deserve, including the greatest set of friends. I  know that everything is for a season, so I'm soaking up my friendships for all I can get, you just never know how long its going to last.  "Make hay while the sun shines" you know what I mean?

Like Nancy!  She's super and I love her a lot.  She inspires me with things like her spontaneity and how she cares. How many friends do You have that will drive all the way to the coast to bring you your keys you forgot at home?!  Or would take in their mother in law?  Not just for a visit, we all do that gladly, but Nancy took in her mother in law,,, to hospice in her home!  Now THATS a good daughter in law!!
They shared some wonderfully treasured time, her family and her together with MIL, in Nancy's home for MIL's last days before she got to go Home.   This is the recipe (and cookie) that MIL was famous for!These beautiful sugar cookies were made by Nancy's nieces and given at MIL's service which is precious enough,

but when I looked at her hand written recipe I saw there was NUTMEG in her sugar cookie recipe?!

I asked Nancy about it & she says that's what made MIL's sugar cookies so special, the Nutmeg! Sort of like my Grama Penner's chicken with cinnamom!  Most folks dont put cinnamom in their chicken, but Grama Penner always did, so for me?  Cooked chicken just isnt the same without it.
And for Nancy?  Sugar cookies just arnt' the same without NUTMEG!

Well I've never heard of that before so I just had to try the recipe. 
       Which I did.      Here's how it went:

2eggs, 1c.sugar, 1c.BUTTER, 3Twater, 4c.flour, 1/2 t.soda, 2t.bk pwr, 1t.NUTMEG
The recipe didnt say what order, but I did it how I think.  So First was the sugar and BUTTER, yum! and the eggs.  Then the water
Then the dry ingredients including the NUTMEG
then 'Roll out, use cokkie cutters,'
'bake in quick oven 400' so I HURRIED. (doesnt say how long, just says 'til edges start to brown' ;)

They came out beautifully which is Amazing since Im not a good baker at all!!!
And then I got it all cleaned up AND had supper ready before TJ got home!

You know me, I've learned so much from when things go wrong, I actually relish it when that happens.  That seems to be what makes our 'stories' interesting and I can hardly believe it when things go right but today it all worked out!      yawn       At any rate, we had (left over) parmesan chicken and salad with caramelized onion & pear with gorgonzola and red pepper for supper.
But I have to say that Nutmeg in a sugar cookie... is not my favorite!

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