Monday, March 28, 2011

When the Parade Passes By!

We got to go to the Rose Parade this year! It's been something Ive wanted to do for as long as I can remember. 
 We treid to do it several years ago when we were in the area, but it didnt exactly work out very well.  We didnt know where we were going, or what was involved.  We couldnt see anything, and it just wasnt working so we left and carried on with our family in another direction.
In the mean time, I Watch the Rose Parade EVERY Year on TV and it fuels my desire to BE There for myself one day.
                      So this year when we had a chance to go - we took it!

                       And we Loved it!
     The Parade itself was wonderful. 

We had a fantastic spot    and Wonderful hosts. 

              The weather was perfect
and it worked out just right this time!

      As beautiful as the floats were,
       what struck me the most was

the GARBAGE that was left AFTER the Parade passed by.  
Anything and everything that was used by the 'parade watchers' (what  do you call the folks that come to watch a parade, the attendants?) was left behind in the streets lining and spilling up and over the curbs and gutters. Im not kidding, it was ATROCIOUS!!
: Worse than this.

That was New Years Day, and now already we're approaching Easter and Im thinking about (because of His work on the cross) The Parade that I will be attending in Heaven.
Is my theology correct to say that, when I get to cast my crown of righteousness at Jesus feet, there will be Pure Abundance of Joy!!!
and a Complete Lack of Garbage!?!?

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