Monday, March 21, 2011

White Knight

I just love it that TJ takes care of his mom.  It's inconvenient at times, but all the 'good stuff' in life is.  I love it that he does this for all the euphemisms coming true that it causes. You know how they say, "If a man is good to his mom..."  and  "Be careful how you treat your kids, they'll be picking your nursing home one day".  Wait.  Not that one.
But it's TRUE, he IS good to his mom, and consequently, he's (Very) good to me!  He's a good son, and as such, he teaches our boys (Men) how to be good sons (to THEIR mom when she's old!!)
So here's my White Knight, off in his (green) steed! 
Mom lives in the mountains, 2 & 1/2 hours North East from us, at about snow line which means she gets a manageable dusting to an inch of snow in the winter.  And since it's the First Day of Spring in 2011 that means She Got 16 INCHES of SNOW since yesterday!!!  She's SNOWED IN, her power's out & there are more storms coming throughout the week. So TJ wrapped things up at the office, put some supplies together & headed out in the Jeep to get Mom.
My Knight in Shining Armor off to save his dear ol' mom in a winter storm. Dontcha just LOVE that!!?!!

At this time, she has no power, no heat, no transportation, and yet, she Wants To Stay! What?  Are you kidding me?!! "Ill be fine" she says. "I'll just keep my firestove going (all night) and I can heat myself something on my camp stove in the garage." (for HOW many days?)  Bless her heart, she's a strong spirited Oklahoma pioneer woman with a stubborn streak as long as this winter!  I do admire that.

So I have her bed ready

But whether (no pun intended) or not she will actually come home with Tom????

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