Thursday, April 21, 2011

Inspiration Pan

                   This is my Inspiration Pan.
I found this pan at Target and was immediately struck!
I had to have this pan so I could make these mini bundt shortbreads! I already have a sweet little Heart-Shaped Shortbread Dish that I've Never Used and I needed an inspiriation to use it
so with this Inspiration Pan,,, Now Was My Chance!First of all, Inspiration Pan is the accent color of my kitchen so even though TJ is not so much of a fan of this color, I HAD to have it,

and Secondly, I love Love LOVE shortbread or ANY recipe that begins with many sticks of Butter
so although Im not not a very good baker
     or much of a candlestick maker

I just HAD to have this pan to make these shortbreads!

So I got the pan, and I followed the little recipe.  It has only these few ingredients and the directions seemed simple enough.

Mix the: Butter, powdered sugar and egg till fluffy
which took a really long time.
And then add the sifted dry ingredients: flour, corn starch, salt & baking powder

The recipe calls for raspberry jam in the centers but Raspberry has a silly P in the middle of the word and it makes it sound funny when you say it like that so I used Peach Jam. Besides I didnt even have any rasPberry jam, I only had Peach Jam. Mother's Day is coming so that means its time to make more Strawberry Jam, and as good as Mother's Day Strawberry Jam is, it's not rasPberry which I dont have.  Remember last summer I made Peach Jam from the peaches that Farmer 2nd Son brought home to me. So Peach is what I used and it worked out just peachy!

They turned out rather beautifully though didnt they?

  The little beauties TASTE as good as they look!

Which was quite handy because the next day was Walking Buddy's birthday,

(she'll be just delighted that Im showing her off like this here.  She knows I have pictures of us walking in the mornings which are NOT pretty.  Im just saying) She comes from her house and I go out from my house and we meet out on the street and go from there to walk through the park in the mornings.  It's USUALLY still morning when we do this.

So for Walking Buddy's birthday I put some of the little beauties on a neat little dish for her and wrapped it up with a little jar of the peach jam I canned last summer. The same jam that I used for the centers of the little beauties (not rasPberry) and it made quite a delightful gift, wouldn't you say?!

She loved it and I thought perhaps my guests coming over for Easter might just love them too so I should make ANOTHER batch of little beauties.

Which I tried to do the next day.  And since yesterday worked out so well, I should use my neat little heart-shaped shortbread dish that Ive never used.

Sweet little jam-filled mini bundt shortbreads and heart-shaped shortbread cookies.  Yea Im ON it!

But alas, as I feared, it twas beginners luck.
I should've known better.

They came out so nice the first time.
In fact, I was so pleased with yesterday's results I DOUBLED the recipe...

Which was fine.  Until the the first batch was done and I needed to use Inspiration Pan and Heart-Shaped dish again for the next batch.
The directions say to butter & flour the pans which I did yesterday and today.  But Really?  Shortbread is practically only Butter and Flour anyway so why should I have to butter & flour the pans AGAIN?!

Ugh THIS is why.
For best results, Follow Instructions.

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