Monday, April 25, 2011


How many people live a 'perfect' life?  Only One Man that I know of... and we celebrated Him just recently!
So at the end of our Easter Brunch when she says to me, "and now everything's perfect" (in reference to me?) it really startled me.  I was at first defensive and replied sarcastically, "oh yes, everything's Perrrrrfect!" Im ready to rattle off to her all the things that are NOT perfect in my life for which this list is Long and the picture is acutely sharp and clear to me.

Nobody's life is ever perfect even though we all want it to be, long for it to be.  We see others who we think have it all together and the best we can do is go home and like TJ says, "throw rocks at our house". ' The grass is always greener' sort of thing.

I truly believe that our longing for things to be 'perfect' or 'better' or 'trouble free' is our longing for Heaven!  We were made for eternity, 'with eternity in our hearts' as it were and we can’t help but desire for things to be as they are intended to be,,, perfect!

Ask my kids they will tell you how Far from perfect their mom is, but even though I didn’t get a single picture to prove it, our Easter Brunch really was! 

Church was full and joyful, musical and colorful! At home I had the Tablecloths ironed and the sweet peas bunched in pots on the tables with  Easter decorations my mom had brought to share including little bunny salt and pepper shakers.  TJ had the yard lookin spiffy, 2nd Son Forest Ranger tuned Farmer turned Meat Man brought me a ham which was in the oven, when  all of the sudden I realized, "What Am I doing?!! I think Im going to recreate for-twelve without a recipe, the spontaneous-for-two French Onion Spinach Frittata?!!

Just because TJ likes my cooking during the week when all Im doing is throwing something together and it just 'happens' to turn out well that day for the two of us, now Im suppose to recreate it for his whole family for Easter Brunch and they're all on their way; they'll be here shortly and I don’t even have a recipe what am I thinking?!

He always wants to know what a dish is called so that day as I do most days, I made it up! The recipes, as well as their titles are just thrown together in my kitchen based on what I happen to have handy that day and what sounds good to me and Oh Dear what have I got myself into!

Sister In Law's FAMILY, along with other couples from church are arriving with contributing casseroles, muffin breads and fruits when dear longtime friends roll up, parking their motorcycles (yes motorcycles! I have such cool freinds!) right in front of my house;  What a lovely surprise!  Which of course I was reminded later, shouldn't have been a surprise at all since I had mentioned to him earlier in the week that we were having this gathering and they were welcome to stop by and join us and then I promptly forgot which created a lovely surprise for me at their arrival!!

And a true serendipity it was; a treasure found not sought!  Fluffy French Onion Spinach Frittata actually came together and was ready for 12 turned 16 with all the beautiful brunch contributions enjoyed by the delightful gathering of friends and fam.  Chattering amongst them reminiscing old ones and new ones alike, the family shared smiles and stories; the wedding-gift water fountain splashed in the background while hearts and tummies became full around the tables in the patio.  The combination of it all was as delightful as the strawberries paired together with the chocolate covered pretzels which may sound odd but is actually quite a salty-sweet-fruit-chocolaty delight!

A little slice of heaven right here PERfect this day and I'll TAKE it!  So YES friend, you're right!  It IS perfect. 
Not a single photo to prove it or to show you from that day, but look here.
It's all stored up in my heart. And there's leftovers for the next day's breakfast! (which is my favorite part!)

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