Monday, April 4, 2011

Lost and FOUND

It's a glorious year of Lost and FOUND.  You never really know what kind of a year you're going to have until you get into it, and then, even if you try really hard sometimes, you just cant really predict how it's going to go, can you?! 
I think it makes it easier to Trust God that way, cause if I could chart my own path and follow that path as charted, well then I really wouldn't need Him much, would I?
Consequently, I've learned to rather enjoy when things go 'wrong'.  That's usually when I see God working in my life the most!

This is my Calendar Book, my Day/Date Planner, (my brain) Cute huh?! And three days ago I Lost It! 
Naturally, since it contains my 'brain', it took me three days to really figure out that it was Lost.  But Lost it was and now I'm concerned.  This neat pretty little book holds the calendar for the whole year,

It's got this pretty ribbon to mark the page, all my to do lists, my thoughts and ideas, my PASSWORDS and appointments.  It's the next best thing to my PHONE and I'm lost without it!!
I've looked everywhere at home in the car and in the Jeep.  I totally remember having it in the grocery store three days ago (of course it contains my grocery list), but I went back there this morning and it's Not There Either. 

    Nor is it on my desk at the office, oh dear.
I'm trying very hard not to panic and I'm doing my best to function today without it.  Of course TJ needs me to do stuff for him and this is becoming increasingly impossible without my Calendar Book.  It's got this neat color coordinated rubber band to mark the days, so now HE'S concerned about me Finding it. 
Then DING, the light goes on:  I went back to the wrong Grocery Store!  I was at the OTHER Save Mart three days ago with my book. So off I went, hightailing it to the other store and YES!!!!  It's Here!!!

                                                   deep breath
                                                big sigh of relief
                                           and Thank You Jesus!
He's the One who holds the days of my life in His Book and directs me through each of them, one at a time.

And boy Tom is sure glad I found it too!! Just like last month when I Lost My Phone!
I told you about that, right?!?!?!?!

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