Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Want My Heart To Do The Same

We went to Oregon by train to be with my family to attend Uncle Marv’s Memorial Service.
It was important for me to be there because Uncle Marvin (and Aunt Betty {Boop}) were of the ones who extended particular kindness and care to me during a hard time (10 years) in my life.  He’s not really my Uncle, but rather my GREAT Uncle;  Uncle Marvin was my Grama’s brother.  Although I was the first granddaughter to my Grama, all I was to Uncle Marv was one of his sister’s granddaughters in another state so why would that make me special to him and Aunt Betty {Boop}?  

I have no idea. 
We lived all our life in California, and they lived all my life in Oregon so, I never could figure out why they took such special interest in me during that hard time (10 years) in my life but boy was I ever glad!!  I do know that it was part of God’s direct provision that Uncle Marv (and Aunt Betty {Boop}) cared about me and helped me and helped take care of me and my boys during those 10 T.E.N. years!!!  It only changed when it did because they could see that I was going to be ok when TJ (my Hero) married me, so then they were able to step back, but up until that day they made a point of keeping track of me.   
And I will be forever grateful.
We don’t get to Oregon all that often, we’ve seen them here at our house much more than we’ve visited them there, but when Uncle Marv got to Go Home I knew immediately that I’d be headed North for his service and 
WHAT a blessing it was!!
When we got there, TJ & I got to stay in their ‘basement’ and let me tell you, that was SOME basement.  Uncle Marv and Aunt Betty {Boop} are of the liveliest, most colorful, most fun of all my relatives.  You know, it’s one thing to say that you’ve ‘lived a good life’, but how many folks get to say that they ‘died a good death’? Uncle Marv can. 

So when we went by train to Oregon for Uncle Marv’s Service,
my folks stayed at my brother’s, but TJ and I got to stay at Uncle Marv (and Aunt Betty{Boop})’s in their ‘50’s Basement.  You see, Uncle Marv and Aunt Betty {Boop} were really into the 50’s; they decorated their garage to house their 50’s cars 
and housed all their 50‘s stuff in their basement.

Their 50’s Basement is COMPLETELY decorated like a 50’s Diner.  It is absolutely loaded with every conceivable 50’s thing and it All Works including the amazing Jute Box and Soda Machine and Milk Shake Maker and Pinball Machine and Schwinn Bicycle and Mirrored Ball hanging from the ceiling that spins when the Jute Box plays!!!  The 50’s Diner Booth installed in the corner window is all set up with the functioning 50’s table-top jute box, napkin and straw dispensers on the table.  The functioning Milkshake Maker and Popcorn Maker are installed on the 50’s Diner Counter which has authentic, bona fide 50’s diner stools on a black and white checkerboard linoleum floor!  

 The Red and Black 50’s Diner color scheme is heightened with BETTY BOOP paraphernalia throughout! {hence, her name: Betty BOOP}  Oh and Elvis too!!  Posters and records are among the decorations which not only could keep you completely entertained by day, but make for some pretty exciting activity at night ~ ~ oh yea ~~Yay eh ~~ uh HUH!!

(Im sorry to tell you that I was so caught up in the abundance of it all that I didn’t take a single picture of The Basement!!)

But I did get these shots of the cars and garage.   
 See this?  This doesn’t even begin to compare to what we experienced in the basement!!

At any rate, back to the topic at hand; Uncle Marv!
 THIS is Uncle Marv’s Chilie Recipe and you know I was ALL OVER that.  This recipe intrigues me to no end because:  
1. Uncle Marv’s HANDWRITING is Just Like My Grama’s, his sister!! and
2. It was A Work in Progress.  Look on left side there how he crossed things out & made adjustments along the way each time he made the chilie which Im told was no more than once or twice a year.  But I love that it wasn’t right the first or second or third time and that it took several attempts to get it where he wanted it.  I like that because you know, most of life is like that; it takes several attempts at things to get them right and ‘failures’ along the way are necessary in order to get it ‘right’ (which rarely really happens anyways, getting things ‘right’ you know).
And 3. Because – what was number three? – Oh Yea!!  He Wrote Keep on it!!!
I love #3. cause my Grama used to do that.  She’d write Keep on things she wanted to keep, like on a cookbook, a newspaper article or she’d write it on masking tape and tape it to a box that contained things she wanted to …  Keep! 
So we had a wonderful time in Oregon with all the fam yada yada, but what I wanted to TELL YOU was that at his service, his only grandson Jacob (named for Great Grampa Jacob) 
wrote a poem about his Grampa (Uncle Marv’s) last moments in life and read it at the service.  How sweet is that?!?  Apparently while Uncle Marv was in the hospital on a heart monitor, the heart monitor would indicate that his heart would beat faster when Betty {Boop} was in the room.  Or if the grandkids would hold his hand and talk to him, his heartbeat would go up!    They said he didn’t physically respond, except that the monitor would indicate that his heart knew they were there and his heart would respond to them.
So dear Grandson Jacob wrote this sweet poem about his Grampa’s heart and titled it “I want My Heart To Do The Same”.  The poem that he read at his Grampa's service talked about his Grampa’s heart toward life, his lighthearted attitude and openness to people in his life; how he had a generous heart and a steady, faithful heart…  And that he wanted his heart to do the same. 
I found that to be entirely true for me as well.  
Uncle Marv’s heart was generous toward me and welcomed me and cared for me faithfully.  He and Aunt Betty {Boop}taught me how it feels to be cared for from afar, which makes me in turn, want my heart to do the same.
Thanks for the poem Jacob – Well Done.
And thanks for the recipes Uncle Marv.   
Your heart approached life with color, spice and comfort and will carry on in the kitchens and generations to come!

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  1. I don't know if anyone has pointed this out to you before or not, Lynette, but, your heart already does the same! You are so tuned into the needs and joys of people that you could have a heart monitor announcing the evidence akin to your Uncle Marv's. It is a blessing for me to call you friend.

    Susan :o)