Friday, May 6, 2011

It's Not About Winning

Playing WORDS with my kids is fortunately for THEM not about winning!

As you can see, If I had any pride or shame at all I would NOT be doing this.  Son Number One is more than 100 points ahead of me and I still continue to play?  The thing is, he gets all the good letters and, and the stupid game lets him play words that aren't words:

LIN?  What kind of word is lin?!!  and, and POON?!?  escUUUUse me? 
I raised this boy and we are not unintelligent folks uncivilized  at times, but not uninlellitent. I appreciate a varied vocabulary and, and lexology is a topic of interest in our world, but Come On, POON?!!!

and, and look there, he got VAR?  Are you Kidding me?  What kind of word is Var?!  And, and GED?!!?!!

In the mean time, all I ever ged to play is a whole string of VOWELS with an occasional V or a Q thrown in.  Of course the Q's and the U's are not given together.  Ever.

The stupid game wont let ME play names like Ava or Ida, but HE gets to play FAY?  Spending too much time on this and, and I lin ged poon go to var! What is going on here!?!

Whats going on is that this silly little game allows me to interact in a very small way, at any given time during the day with my grown and gone kids which for this mom is a very welcome interaction and I'll TAKE IT any which way I can! 

Hello Dear Daughter In Law =))

Have you ever felt compassion for a Daddy Long Leg spider?  Me either till the time I looked out on the patio & saw a Daddy Long Leg spider with a broken Leg!  Have you ever seen a Daddy Long Leg spider with a broken leg?  Me either till I looked out on the patio just then and, and I felt Compassion for it!!! 
Don't look too closely, broken-legged Daddy Long Legged spider isn't here, Kitty already got him.  She wont get birds and spiders for herself, but she's happy to help herself to those that present themselves without her having to work for them.  Oh dear don't get me started on THAT!!! 

I just want you to see how neat it is to have a oh dear what's the WORD, it's not a cactus, it's not a citrus, it's uh  SUCCULENT a succulent that poons/BLOOMS!  I just find these to be rather precious because you don't have to water them or you can let them flood and, and either way they just keep growing and thriving and periodically they send out sweet little BLOOMS like this:
Kinda like my kids.  Sometimes I smothered them, sometimes I starved them not literally, but like when they were in school and they'd forget their lunch at home and I let them go hungry that day so the next day they'd REMEMBER to take their lunch! and now they're grown and gone and yet every so often they send out a little morsel my way which simply delights my soul!!

Like the little sound that my phone makes when they've played their turn with WORDS which lets me know that they're playing and that it's My turn now.  These little bits of interaction with my grown and gone kids that really delight me and, and irritate me all at the same time with the iniquitous and, and preposterous WORDS they get to use!!

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