Monday, May 2, 2011

Oh So Sawwy!!

SO sorry for my absence; please forgive me!!!  I mean it, really I need your forgiveness.  You’re right, Ive been neglectful and I’ve allowed myself to be distracted. I know the chores have not been kept up with and I can SEE that you have no shirts ironed.  Yes Im glad you like my cooking but No, I know the dishes do not do themselves.  Im sorry.  Im Sawwy!!
I got a little scolding last week  by  someone who’s (TJ) name I will Not mention.  And I deserved it I admit.  I HAVE been too much on the camera and not enough on the chores. 
Too much ‘card’ing
not enough caring. 

Too much baking
not enough business.  
Too much Scrapping
not enough scrubbing. Too much of a Good thing, no longer is; I understand. 
But balance? 
A balanced life is Overrated, really!!! 
So one thing at a time and now all the Red Shirts are in order along with the house and some of the responsibilities at the office, harrumph.  Enough of that!
Ding Dong!  Your 3 month house guest is here!!  What’s that?  You didn’t know we were arriving today?  And three months you say?  No No, it's really more of four months or so!!!
Boy am I glad I got scolded and got busy cleaning house LAST week, thank you Jesus for that one!  Im excited I was READY when 3 Month Turned 4 Month House Guest arrived.  It’s going to be so fun having him in our house during this time – however long it is!!!  We get to witness first hand, the miracle of new life: from young man to MANhood WHO HOO -  being on the launching pad is so exciting!!!

Sorry MIL, no room in the inn.  I promise it’s only temporary and your room will be available again in no time!

In the meantime, I wanted to update you on my ‘Experiment’.  Remember Im (shhhhhh, I don’t why I don’t want TJ to know) experimenting to see if I can purposefully Not Buy Any New Cloths All Year!  I know I can DO it, Ive done it before.  But before I did it cause I Had to, this time Im doing it cause I Want to.  I Want to see if I can.  I Want to see if it will really be noticed.  I Want to see if it will make any difference in the budget.  I Want to see if I CAN do it.
I’ve actually been thinking the last couple of years that Enough is Enough already.  I don’t want to buy one more thing to stuff into my closet.  It feels kinda weird showing you this, but this is part of my motivation:

Im really rather sort of an orderly kind of a messy person.  I console the messy side of me with the truth that ‘CREATIVE People are messy’!  And yet I prefer orderliness and tidiness oh the confusion! Hence, the closet!  Chaotic order?  Orderly mess? I really do keep my cloths hung in rainbow color orders and I Do prefer uniform clothes hangers.  I Do keep the colors then in order of Sleeveless->Short Sleeve ->Long Sleeve but Im Not obsessed I Promise.  TJ  Doesn’t keep his cloths hung by color or sleeve length so I only rearrange his side every so often.   
But back to my 'experiment'. So far so good with the ‘Experiment’ thing. 
BTW we’ve determined that we’re experimenting with CLOTHS, not shoes.  Shoes are Not part of the ‘experiment’
 Got It?!?!
Or swimsuits. 
We’ve determined that Shoes and Swimsuits are not part of the ‘experiment’.