Monday, June 13, 2011

a Conwertable Ride

     TJ & I took a conwertable ride to Yosemite yesterday! 
We saw the Falls and Hiked the Falls: Vernal and Nevada AND hiked over to the John Muir Trail and down that trail and then Hiked over to Mirror Lake.  We finished with a little supper on the patio at the Ahwahnee Hotel that we hiked to, and then Conwertabled HOME!  
Doesn’t that sound Glorious???

65 miles of Hiking!  Up into the Falls at an elevation gain of 16 thousand feet!!! Are you Kidding Me?!?!?!?
We ate McDonalds on the way out of town in the morning - YUK.  I tore my Two for $3 EggaMuffin apart and only ate the Eggas. Which in Hind sight was not a very smart idea cause later on, hiking 65 miles UP the Mist Trail my Hind legs were Not happy with that lack of nutrition.

Life is like that you know;  You have to be a little careful on the front end, in order to have sufficiency on the hind end...   'garbage in, garbage out'  'put the proper fuel in the tank' sort of thing?!

Two for $3 is what we ate as we Conwertabled up the mountains and it was a glorious thing! The lid was open, the breeze was blowing my hair all over the place, the fresh air was cool and I was wrapped in a blanket!  We had a glorious view on the windy windy  road  (windy wind blowing and windy as in, twisting and turning, the curvy road's winding around the mountainside)  driving in the conwertable with the lid open! They’re spelled the same you know, windy and windy.

The windy, windy  road with a view is fantastic, especially at 16 Miles an Hour for 6 Hours!!! Which is how slow we had to go because the Car In Front of us couldn’t figure out how to drive on the windy windy mountain road with a view!!
“Hey Buddy, See anybody in front of you? No? Well, see this Long Line of cars BEHIND you?  That’s because YOU'RE holding everybody up!   
At any rate, we were in the conwertable and we went to Yosemite!  
Doesnt that sound glorious?!?!!

With the lid open you not only SEE more things, like the birds up in the trees and clouds but you SMELL things along the way too that you don’t otherwise smell with the lid shut.  Like the doughnut shoppe you just passed in the fresh mountain air, the choo pine trees, the dogwoods, the, the AH-CHOO the dust and exhaust from the slow cars in front of you!!                                  

 We had a wonderful conwertable ride up to Yosemite!!  It was so fun I could just Reach Up out of my seat to snap photos along the way!  I took pictures going INTO the Tunnel View of Yosemite

 And coming OUT of the tunnel.

We saw the almost overflowing Merced River rushing through the
 GloriousYosemite Valley Floor.
Once inside Yosemite Valley, we stopped along the way to take the sights in  through the lens of my camera. And I must say, TJ is VERY patient with me during all this photo taking nonsense.

“Here, let me have that” he says.  “Go over there, take it through that tree” he says.  

Ok FINE.  Maybe he DOES know what he talking about as USUAL!!

We saw the Falls from the valley floor which is AWESOME in the conwertable and then we made our way over to the Trailhead parking lot to load up our packs and head out for our Hike!
Almonds, granola bars, water jugs, sandwiches, wine bottles, wine glasses, brie, crackers, tablecloth, fruit, and oh yea, Band Aids and a compass!!  Must.  Be.  Prepared.

65 Miles and 16 Thousand Feet to go!

 We made our way up

uh huh,  MIST Trail.

Look at this view from the top of Vernal Falls!!  It’s just glorious up here at Yosemite!!
That's where we came from.  See that at the top of that green area, mid photo on the left?  THATS the Mist Trail!!! MAN that was hard.

Had ourselves a little rest and then Left These Silly Crowds. 
It’s amazing how few people travel beyond Vernal Falls and go further to Nevada Falls and beyond.  Amazing but true! And THIS is why.

 It’s HARD climbing up these steep switchbacks.  65 miles of them!!  No wonder there’s so few other people who are willing to this – this is HARD!
 Hard but Glorious up here, 65 miles of hiking and 16 Thousand feet of elevation gain! MAN this is hard.  Why is it so hard today?!? But boy is it beautiful.  That’s how life is you know, the good stuff is rarely easy!!!

 Finally reached the top of Nevada Falls and had ourselves a little lunch under the Luncheon Tree.

From the Luncheon Tree we Hiked over the bridge to begin our decent via the John Muir Trail.
 I really like the John Muir Trail much more than the Mist Trail.  Why do we always have to come UP the Mist trail and down the John Muir? 
  I don’t know either, but that’s the way we went and it’s just breathtaking both ways!!  John Muir is fantastic cause it lets you see Nevada Falls from the OTHER side.
 See?  The windy STEEP switchbacks to get UP are over there on the left side of the falls. At the top and over the bridge from there, you get THIS great view of the Falls from THIS side which is just glorious!!
 From here you can see Half Dome which is the one on the LEFT.  It’s not nearly as pretty or picturesque as the one on the right, but the one on the right is NOT Half Dome.
So from here on the John Muir side of the trail you get these unbelievable views of Half Dome and the canyon with Yosemite Falls way back there on the left.
 Hiking DOWN has it’s own set of challenges.  Just like life you know.  We grow through the hard times, but when things are easier, there’s a different sort of pitfalls to watch out for along the way.  Going up you have momentum against you, which sounds bad, but it actually gives you a bit of control whereas going down you have momentum WITH you which sounds easy, but actually makes things hard in a different sort of way.  Careful there!  It doesn’t take much to get going fast in the wrong direction!

So we Hiked 65 miles Up to Vernal and Nevada Falls and over and down again to the bottom of the Yosemite Valley Floor for a total of 16 Thousand feet of elevation gain and then  took the Tram to the Trailhead of Mirror Lake.   

We Hiked the 65 Miles to Mirror Lake for an elevation gain of only about 3 feet.  Because you know, after having just finished 16 Thooousand feeet, we were a little tired.
 Mirror Lake was pretty, but I think we discovered that it’s better from the ROAD side rather than from over here on the trail side.  But this is what we did and now we know. 
 Kinda like life; you know sometimes you have to just try certain things in order to learn which way is which.  
 After all the miles of hiking we did and all the elevation gain, we meandered our way over to the Ahwahnee Hotel and had a little supper out on the patio.  It was just lovely out there; there was a guy playing piano in the background whilst the blue jays squawked in the foreground, and the squirrels scampered around trying to get away from the screaming children chasing them with sticks and it was the perfect ending to very full and Glorious Day after which we conwertabled our way all bundled up in a blanket with tissues in hand back home!!!

Good thing we had our Super Sticky  5-to-1  ratio   37inch Rock Climbing Treads!!

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  1. Looks like a great trip, and i love all the fun photos!!