Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mountain Bike Rider #%!!! Gaugh!!

“Good Morning” is not at all uncommon 
and we (Walking Buddy Renee and I)

typically greet ONCOMING walkers and riders in the park,
 but never before have we been the cause of a Crash!  

"Good Morning” said Mountain Bike Rider Man from behind us, to which we naturally replied “Good Morning”  and then WhA!!
            WATCH OooUT !!!

Mr. Mountain Bike Rider man was a little too BUSY with his greeting the ladies in the park, to watch where he was going, and CRASHED right into and on top of and over his own son!! 
In slow motion, it seemed like it should be completely avoidable but happened anyway, right before our eyes!!  At which point Mr. Mountain Bike Rider Man began to adamantly BLAME his son!!  They weren’t even up off the ground yet, and he’s yelling at the boy for getting in HIS way!?!  I don’t THINK so. The mountain biking boy is about maybe 10 and was just riding along, following mountain bike riding man in front, when Mountain Bike Rider Dad comes CRASHING into him from behind!!

It’s a nasty business, that mountain bike riding on the road in the park; especially when there are lady walkers to greet.  

And then Blame your KID for the crash?!!  
 Bad Form Mountain Biker Dad, Bad Form.  

"Heads Up Dad"!   
Watch where you’re Going instead of watching the ladies in the park!
Oh the lessons we teach.

Renee says I shouldnt have been wearing my Hot Pink Shorts!!!

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