Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Northside Neighbor

                                  This is Diana. 

She’s the BEST Northside  neighbor I’ve ever had.  Ever.
Isn’t she beautiful?
Her kids arnt so bad either:!
I call them my Grand Neighbors and I call myself their Grandma Neighbor!

and that guy on the left over there... ?? ...


I’ll never forget the day my sweet Grand-neighbor-daughter 
asked me while we're having some girl-time by the pool, 
“Can I call you Grama?” 

Oh my heart! 

Or the day she lost her first tooth on my patio!

Her brother’s not so bad either :>)
Love those kids!

But I wanted you to see Diana, above  my best Northside  neighbor ever.  And I wanted to tell you that she warms my heart to the core which TJ says is about THIS much  *pinching his fingers together*        What Does THAT Mean?!?!   
she warms my heart to the core because she tells me She Reads My Blog!  and  She LIKES it!!! 
This warms my heart to the *core because She’s  a YIKES!  a Professional Writer!  And she reads my blog and  she Likes It!!!

That just warms my heart to the *core.

And the girl on the South side?

 Oh my.

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