Friday, July 8, 2011


“I know you’ve been talking about PG lately,” TJ says “so I booked us a room at that B&B you like.”
Wait.  What? 
Are you KIDDING me?!?!? I LOVE that place.   
We’ve been there once and I can’t WAIT to go again!!  TJ hasn’t surprised me with plans and reservations since our honeymoon!! Which wasn’t really a surprise cause I KNEW he was making plans for our honeymoon, I just didn’t know where or what. But ever since our honeymoon, he doesnt do the surprise thing, we decide together where we’re going to go for our anniversary trip, and then he leaves the reservation details for me to care of, so I was super excited that he had taken this on himself, making plans and reservations and everything.              Wow!

“But” he says,   oh here it comes, DASH my hopes against the rocks! “since it’s a Holiday Weekend, they have a 3 night minimum”   I can hear it in his voice,  I know what THAT means, it means we can’t go.   so we’ll need to take Monday off” he says.

WHAT?!!?  You mean we’re going??  Oh Im So Excited, I can’t believe it!!  We get to stay there THREE nights, I can Hardly Wait!!!!  "You really made reservations for us?"  “YEP,” he says “Or”

OR?? ......

You mean I get a choice?

“Or” he says,  “for the same $$ we can get those Racks for the Jeep we’ve been talking about!”


Ok, let me think about this:
3 nights at my Favorite B&B on the coast: glorious linens, crystal chandeliers,  every room is Ocean View, wine tasting in the afternoons, cookies and Sherry available in the evening with a lavish homemade breakfast prepared each morning


300 nights camping in the Jeep with the Racks that hold our tent & ice chest.

Oh Dear. I must weigh my options carefully….
Well I simply cannot believe my ears.   
I Picked The Jeep Racks!!

 We cancelled the reservations and ordered the Racks.   
The boys came over and helped TJ install them;
  we packed up all our stuff and headed for the mountains!!! 
 Yes, even with the Racks, we still needed the TRAILER. 
(thank you Brad! love your trailer, wasps and all!)
I dont really mean that we love the wasps, actually we didnt like the wasps at all but we love that you loaned it to us and chasing the wasps - KILLLING them actually - and throwing out their nests that we DESTROYED was just all part of the experience that makes for our story, thank you Brad!
And it truly was a glorious time.  We ended up with the sweetest little, shall I say, Boutique B&B in the woods, 
a lovely location with a creek running down each side of our campsite,


which flowed into the little river at the bottom of our campsite 

by which I could sit with my latte' in the afternoon and read my book.
 Coffee was served to me each morning.  
  Followed by a homemade breakfast.  Mmmm, steak and eggs  in the cool mornings among the tall pines. 

And  then we went Wheeling!!
 Which turned out to be kind of ironic for our 11th Anniversary, really.  You see, we got to reminiscing about  other anniversaries,,,   Usually we end up musing about our sweet little honeymoon place with the sand dollar key chain and the red surfboard  on the fence across the street to mark our parking place,,, 
but THIS year, the  reflection was a little different because  LAST year, our 10th anniversary came with a bit of apprehension.  Neither of us had made it much past anniversary #10 last time, and as solid as TJ & I are, last year we couldn’t help but feel a little pensive about approaching our own Anniversary #10 and beyond. 
So THIS YEAR, as we celebrate our 11th Anniversary we both acknowledged the irony:
Each of us had experienced the first time,,, by the 10th anniversary
the wheels were already coming off.   
And the first time,,, by #11 there was nothing left but the paperwork.  It had been the same story for each of us. 
So THIS time, for TJ & ME, although the 10th had come with a bit of apprehension, it came also with Joy and Hope for our future together so that now,,,  
 On our 11th Anniversary,,,  
We Went Wheeling!!
 forever after....

“He will lead His sheep like a Shepherd.  He will gather the lambs in His arms and will Carry them in bosom, and will Gently Lead Those that are with young.”  ~ Isaiah 40:11

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