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Thank you so much for saying you read my Blog.  That makes me feel so good.  I absolutely Love writing.  I wish I could write/blog every day.  Ive been told that to have a good blog you need to post every day, but as yet, I just can’t justify doing that.  I end up doing a fair amount of stuff for TJ at his office, which Im glad to do, but not what I Love and I try to keep up with the stuff around here at home  I believe they’re called CHORES.  So that doesn’t leave a lot of time for writing and Honestly, blogging seems so selfish to me.  It satisfies ME, but I really don’t have any idea what it’s good for beyond that, so I just can’t justify spending more time on it than I already do – even tho I would LOVE to!! And then if you say you read it and enjoy it, well that helps me to justify the time required to write, THANKS!

The backs of all my cards purposefully contain a four leaf clover: *

This is for Grama Penner who had an uncanny ability to,,, wherever she happened to be if there was grass that had any amount of clover in it, she could simply look down and,,, and find a four leaf clover!  You know they say never throw away someone else's books without “leafing” through them, there might be things hidden in the pages.  Like the one day TJ & I were going through old stuff in the attic and although I was “encouraging” him to throw stuff away or give it or yard sale it  I did go through the books, “leafing”, and Sure Enough: in one of the books there was a $100 dollar Bill!!!! 

But alas, no such luck when it was time for my Mom 
  isn’t she adorable?!! 
 and I to go through Grama Penner’s house, we ‘leafed’ through her books too, but the only thing that spilled out of the pages were ALL the FOUR LEAF CLOVERS that she had found over the years.  Practically Every book had one or several or LOTS of them pressed between the pages!!  It was adorable really, just like Grama Penner 

see where my mom gets it?  Like mother like daughter!  Too bad for TJ, I favor more of Dad’s side.  Dad’s is a good side,,, in his own way of course,,, you know what I mean;  it’s just that all the cuteness is on Mom’s side and I seem to favor Dad’s side which has plenty of strengths of it’s own,,, just not the level of cuteness, sorry TJ!

And a couple of years later, when I found myself in the midst of my card making projects
messiness is a sign of creativity you know
it occurred to me that I was doing something that had been inherited from Grama Penner.  This is good, you see Grama Penner’s ministry was card Giving!  She would “go to town” which was 3 blocks away but that’s what she called it and buy a card for anyone and everyone who was having an occasion.  Whether it was the obvious; birthday, anniversary, illness, or whether it was remote like a move, or new job, she would find a card at the store, take it home, write a note inside it and then go back to town and mail it at the Post Office.  She didn’t put the cards in her own mailbox for the mailman to take, she would get in her car and go to town  and take them to the Post Office herself.  That always cracked me up.  Our whole family received cards from Grama Penner for any and every thing that ever happened in our life and MY cards always had a $20 slipped in.  Sorry cousins, I was the Special Granddaughter, sorry.
What that taught me was that it was important to acknowledge people and events happening in their lives.

  And did I learn it?  Not so much.  Dad’s side of the family, remember? I always Wanted to remember people and acknowledge events in their lives, but the card giving thing just wasn’t happening for me. My mom got it, but not me. I think it goes along with that cuteness thing...

Until I started Making Cards.  THEN I realized that perhaps there IS a piece of Grama Penner inside of me that’s good and caring and thoughtful.  You see, after she got to go Home, at her Memorial Service, lots of church people and town people came to me and talked about the cards they had received from Lillian and what it meant to them.  It was then I realized that she sent cards not only to all her family, but to ALL!  She sent cards to anyone in the church who was sick or had a baby or anniversary and it blessed lot of people and really was her Ministry!! 
So although Im still not very good at actually SENDING cards, I really really enjoy MAKING cards and I tribute Grama Penner by putting the Four Leaf Clover on the back of each one.  The four leaf clover AND the verse, because flowers and grass fade you know, but the Word of the Lord Stands FOREVER.  So the four leaf clover and the VERSE: “The mercy of the Lord is from generation to generation” 
  Well actually THIS little stamp says everlasting to everlasting but you understand.

And ever since then, I think a lot about how the things that Grama Penner did in her life made such an impact on others when, to her, she didn’t really mean to make an impact, she was just living her life.  She just did the things that were important to her, what she knew the Bible told her was the right thing to do and in the end, it made a difference.  She didn’t call her Card Giving ministry a ministry, but it certainly was.  And then I can’t help but wonder about how I live my life will make an impact on others around me, whether I do it purposefully or not.  Grama Penner didn’t TELL me to pay attention to others, she just did it and even if I didn’t realize it at the time, I did realize it later and in the meantime, I was learning!

So these days, I make my cards as often as I can, which is a whole lot MORE often than it used to be thanks to the Mercy of the Lord and my TJ – THANK YOU TJ  and I continue to think about Grama,,, especially since in February I get to BE ONE!!!

and then on the backs of my cards I use THIS one:

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