Monday, July 18, 2011

Comedy of Errors

I just want to know WHY my Peach Cobbler wont ever turn out the same way twice?!?
I use the same recipe over and over;  Grama Penner's or Nancy's  but no matter how careful I am, it's always different in the end and last weekend was No Exception!!
We had some friends over for a Little Summer Pot Luck, which turned out beautifully because although I didnt tell anyone WHAT to bring, other than to say, bring a Side Dish  it all came together just Perfectly!  I just Love it when that happens especially when I've prayed that the Lord will be in charge of it... cause Lord Knows (Yes He does) that I'm not good at being in charge!
And He Is.
And He Did.
And it worked out so perfectly!
TJ & I did the meat on the Barbie lemon chicken and tri tip rubbed with coffee grounds and cocoa powder  and everyone else brought their 'sides' and we had just a lovely little summer pot luck.  We had a Green Salad, a Cucumber Cantaloupe Salad, a Caprese Salad, and a wonderful   I've GOT to get that recipe  Spicey Thai Noodle Salad.
MAN why didnt I get pictures of that?!?

We all chatted and visited and ate and ate and then it was Time to Head to the Park!! Oh Thanks KARL! We NEEDED you to keep us on schedule!!
The whole purpose of the little summer pot luck was to have a little supper before going to Shakespeare in the Park to see Comedy of Errors which we did timely at Karl's INSISTENCE.  And it's a good thing we saved dessert for later cause the Park was FULL that night.  We walked over there with our lawn chairs Just In Time to find a great spot!

Earlier in the day I had BURNED MY FOOT making this delicious Kettle Corn.  I learned how to do this in OREGON make the kettle corn, not burn my foot  whilst attending my favorite Uncle Marvin's Memorial Service  and I loved it so much Ive been making it ever since.  I was making batches of this Kettle Corn for us to take into the park to munch on during the play and as I was pouring out one batch, a kernel from the bottom of the kettle in the gooey caramelized sugar POPPED and fell out right onto the top of my bare foot.  The Hot Sugar STUCK to my foot and burned it and I immediately Kicked it off with my other bare foot which burned IT where I was kicking it from one bare foot to the other!!!
Oh Dear this takes me back to when the iron fell on Middle Son's leg and he batted it off with his hand and it BURNED his leg AND his hand Badly!!  He was just a Little Guy and the little palm of his little hand was BLISTERED!!!  Oh My.
And although my foot both of them actually, my FEET  was burned, the kettle corn was delicious and we munched on it at the Park whilst we sat in lawn chairs with our friends watching COMEDY OF ERRORS at  Shakespeare in the Park!

The Show was delightful from the very beginning to the very end at which point we gathered our lawn chairs into a circle and ate our dessert in the park!  I dont understand WHY Peach Cobbler must turn out differently Every time I make it but it does, and I cant resist making it because Right Now the peaches are Perfect.  I was a good girl and followed Grama Penner's basic recipe but when the timer went off, the cobbler was almost too brown!  Almost. 
So the Play had been delightful and I was dishing out the cobbler which was almost too brown for our friends who had gone to the Park with us and
the Cobbler Was Kinda Gooey in the middle!!  See what I mean?  How does that happen?  But alas, there we were in the park, and I was dishing out the dessert and of course the ladies all say, "Oh make mine a small one, I cant eat that much"  which I know is code for " Please Dont Make Me Eat That Gooey Mess".  So I scooped some of the plates smaller and everyone was making kind comments about the deliciousness of the cobbler which I know is code for "Im Being Polite and Saying Something Nice To The Hostess Even Tho I've Never Had Such Horrible Cobbler Before Ever"
to which I reply, "Oh Thank You" 
And then, you'll never believe it - they Asked For More!!!!
I COULDNT believe it.  Even the ladies, who at first only wanted very small amounts, ALL took seconds!!!
They LIKED it!  They really really Liked it!!!

"please sir, may I have another" is just about the most delicious words a Hostess can hear.
Oh I'll just have to do that again.

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