Monday, July 11, 2011


TJ had some fun with Fred’s Boy:
We Wheeled along as far as we could go;  We counted about every 3 curves in the road and then  there was a log down 

and that means we jump out and grab the chainsaw, the wench, the pull strap,

the ax, the chain, gloves, and yes for the record there are chaps, hardhats, eye and ear protection and we Go To Town on the log, moving it


or cutting it Out Of The Way and by WE I mean HE.
 Us girl folk can help a bit. We can pull a few sticks out of the way, but mostly this is work for the MEN-folk!! 

 Which is just fine for me because the ‘view’ here in the mountains happens to be one of my Favorites!!

So “We” do this for a while: wheeling =>>> cutting, wheeling =>>> chopping wheeling =>>> clearing wheeling
 and when “We” decide that “we’re” tired and we’ve gone far enough, then we stop right there in the road and
And there just happens to be a fabulous waterfall right there where we stopped, so it became the perfect spot and time to
 Have Lunch!!!
Right there in the road!  And as boys will do, they start to play, which is all good and fun
till Someone Gets Hurt!!

But Not To Worry, no one got hurt, it was all just silliness

 and horseplay and good outdoorsy fun…

and somehow, it seemed a  bit familiar….

Later on that evening, TJ asks me, “how old was Youngest Son when we had our First Bike ride that weekend in the mountains at the Hume cabin?”
You see, the very first time we became a ‘family’,  TJ the Boys and me,   was many years ago on a weekend up at Hume Lake. My family had a cabin in the mountains for MANY years there, generations really, and although I was a mom of 3 boys who were very familiar with the mountains,  I had never taken the bikes up there for them to ride.  Then TJ came along and turned our whole world right side up!!  That weekend TJ made it happen; he made it so we all had bikes and we were riding along through the woods, over the rocks and in the dirt.  TJ played with them then,

similarly to how he played with Fred’s Boy this last weekend, which is what sparked his question about how old Youngest Son was then?  Well let’s think about this. It’s our 11th anniversary, and Youngest Son is currently…  oh dear, how old is Youngest Son???   22!
The bike ride weekend at Hume Lake that started it all, had been 3 years before that, so Youngest Son would have been,    

oh dear, YOU do the math, Im not good at this,,,   he was 8 then!!
Which is the SAME age that Fred’s Boy is today, which is why playing with him in the mountains brought back such fond familiar pleasant memories for TJ of that first weekend when we became ‘family’ on that bike ride at Hume Lake.

I had been alone raising my boys for nearly 10 years alone, on my own, by myself alone before the Lord allowed us to become family with TJ and it’s been nothing but ADVENTURE ever since!!!

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