Thursday, July 28, 2011


My little neighbor kids that live right next door are each having birthdays and I'm lost for tying to figure out what to get them.  Sassy little sister is turing 6 and brooding big brother is turning 8 which you think would be easy enough to find a little something for kids that age.  I kept my eye out for Something, but nothing 'struck' me till I saw THESE at the craft store

  and then I knew what to do.  It's just a simple little thing, but it will let them know that they are remembered and they are special. 

Actually, it may not.  It may get lost in the super birthday parties that their parents give them where a whole pack other cute little kids 

are invited and they do super fun stuff like WATER SLIDES

and sno cone machines
and pinatas  
They'll have gobs of goodies and piles of presents And their Grama and Grampa will come from the Bay Area. The kids just might take it all in stride and not really understand how special it is when someone goes out of thier way to let them know they are loved and that it's wonderful that they were born and wish them a Very Happy Birthday.  Ooop!! 
 I finished her card and then realized,,, Wait!! she's not 7, she's  6!!   
back to the drawing board

And maybe they're not supposed to really understand or appreciate that kind of stuff at the time, they're Just Kids!!!

And yet it's important.  It's important for us to do that for our own kids as best we can.  Whether it's a whole big party with presents and pizza, or just simple things like I used to do for my boys when they were little; I decorated their rooms overnight while they were sleeping and the morning of their birthday they'd wake up to  balloons and streamers in their rooms, to celebrate them on their birthday!!! 

But if it hadn't been for HAZEL,
I wouldn't have learned how important it is to do a little something for the other kids that the Lord puts in our life right next door.  You see, Hazel lived next door to me when My Boys were little. And although Birthday Parties for my boys were A Little Different than they are for my next door neighbor kids, Hazel always remembered my boys' birthdays and was generally kind to them, and interested in them most any day of the week.  That made such an impact on me and is the Inspiration behind my interest in My dear little next door neighbor kids. 
nevermind the fact that they are so super cute I could just Eat Them Up!!
Hazel taught me that what we do now, makes a difference later.  Even if my boys didnt appreciate it when they were little, I Did!! I didnt really understand it, but it made an impact on me to know that she cared, and now it makes a difference in the next generation of neighbors: my  Grand Next Door Neighbor Kids AND Darling Grand Across The Street Girl  
 LOVE that girl!

The Bible tells us what we do today makes a difference in eternity, which is the best reason of all.
So although the neat little cupcake cups Inspired me to make the cupcakes for my dear little neighbor kids, HAZEL has been the Inspiration for me to be kind and good and giving to them, because SHE was so kind and good and giving to MY boys when we lived next door to her!!
Thank you Hazel.  
And thank you God for putting her in my life when You knew I need her, and needed to learn from her.
just LOOK at those boys!  are they just the most precious thing?!!!
I think I shall Eat. Them. Up.

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