Saturday, July 9, 2011

We had just a really lovely time,

 on our #11th Anniversary Trip really! I chose well, I did.  
 Choosing the Pines of mountain camping over the Plush of a coastal featherbed B&B was a wise choice, really it was!!
The luxuries of the toilets and showers experienced are beyond description; 

Room service in the Pines was available.  Anything I desired was right at my fingertips...
  and exquisite linens:  Really!!
I had my down comforter with me and we only had to blow up the mattress twice each night.
  while Spacious Vista Views beckoned, confirming the wisdom of my choice, dryer sheets and bug spray were the crowning glory of our pristine experience. 
Just the two of us - no family; save the ANTS?!?  
tell me again, what keeps the ants away??

TJ & I had a lovely romantic Anniversary dinner.  
Our filets of beef were char-grilled over an open flame to perfection!! 

The sweet potato sides with sour cream dill sauce were heavenly!! 
The wine pared with our dinner menu was outstanding!!

 The table setting was exquisite!!
And for dessert???
Well it just doesn't get any better than this now, does it?!?!

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