Friday, August 26, 2011

The Disasters on Vacation

It seems like there's always SOMETHING that will go wrong during the time that you most want things to go Right!  Like at a wedding or on vacation or as my Canadian friends call it, on Holiday!! 
which, I think I prefer to call it; HOLIDAY.  Holiday just sounds so much more cheerful and when something goes wrong, you need as much Cheer as you can get which is what I needed when 
I  Lost my Diamond Earring on our Vaca HOLIDAY last week.

Some folks get rained on, and some folks Drive Their Bikes Off the Roof Rack under the lobby of the hotel, wink
 and some folks' motor home interiors fall down on them
and us?  Well
TJ & I hadnt taken an extended Holiday for some time and we were really excited about packing up the tent stuff and driving out to Jellystone!! That's Yellowstone for the rest of you who dont have the speech impediments that apparently I do.  You see, the WHOLE time we were there, I was constantly saying YOSEMITE every time I wanted to say Yellowstone.  I suppose it was a Y thing, but actually we heard lots of other folks doing it too saying Yosemite instead of Yellowstone.  Then someone suggested that the word JELLYstone comes out of the mouth much easier than YELLOWstone and they were right! 
So we loaded up the Yukon  which we are forever telling the boys, "No, Yukon Not drive the Yukon". 
 Sorry, Tom Joke.  which packs Much Easier than the Jeep TJ says, and after a couple of days and some super fun adventures that Ill tell you about later, we found ourselves at a campsite in Jellystone!! The tent was
all set up and settled 
and we grabbed our bikes thanks in no small part to our dear Ogren's for the extended use of their super strong swing-out bike rack  and we set off for an adventurous bike ride to Natural Bridges, which is one of the FEW bike rides available in Jellystone so we were all over it!!  

And that's when Disaster Struck.  
 which is then, when a story starts you know!
We were headed down a hill, out of the campground, around a curve and down a little more, when FLOP, my hat blew down into my eyes and I was Immediately Blinded which wasnt' a problem at all because earlier, I latched the strap of my hat  
this was my neat Australian cowboy sort-of hat with a brim and a strap that Nancy had given me  
I had latched the strap of it into the buckle of my backpack.  I did that thinking that if my hat flew off, the buckle of my backpack would catch it & I wouldnt loose my hat which WORKED because when my hat flopped into my eyes, I Flipped it back over my head to get it out of my eyes so I could see and Not Crash my bike, and as I Flipped it back, the Strap, 
although it did catch with the buckle of my backpack, 
the strap scraped over my ear and 
FLICKED out my Diamond Earring!!! 

It all happened in the blink of an eye and I knew immediately that my earring might be gone and Sure Enough, it was. gone.  The earring back was still there, but no earring!! These are the earrings that TJ had made to match my wedding ring.  Im not much of a jewelry girl, and mostly I just wear these every day which wont be so convenient anymore with just one...

Well TJ came back and we spent the next hour and a half searching and searching for that silly earring on the road, and in the dirt beside road, and on the other side of the road and it was NOwhere to be found.

Finally we went on to Natural Bridge. 
which was a neat spot and we enjoyed our bike ride and that night over supper  
we had Bison Burgers from my NEW #10 
(story at 11)
 we talked about how it's not THINGS that make us happy.  And as much as it's not good that I lost that diamond, it's not going to ruin our time together on Vaca Holiday!!
In fact,,, isn't this just a little bit reminiscent of when my phone was lost on our Lone Pine excursion earlier this year?  THAT didnt turn out so badly, and who knows?  Perhaps an honest soul will just happen look down, pick up my earring, and turn it in to lost and found who has my info and a description of the earring...
It could Happen!!

But even it that doesn't happen, what COULD ruin our time together on Holiday is a Forrest Fire starting from the neighboring campfire!!  Those people had their campfire up into the trees overhead until the Ranger had to come tell them to Knock it Down!!! "That's Turpentine up there in those trees, what are you trying to do, burn us down?"

Them,  Not us.  OUR little campfire was quite civilized.

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