Sunday, August 28, 2011


Did you know that because the W and the E are right next to each other, I made a FREUDIAN slip and said eaiting instead of Waiting when I text TJ & Brett the picture of these Cinnamon Rolls?!!!
Sometimes it's the little things that just Crack. Me. Up!!!
The text looked like this:
"Ready and Eaiting"!!

I was TRYING so hard to WAIT for them to get home 

Because while they were gone Nancy & I made these Pioneer Woman Ooohy Gooey Cinnamon Rolls from scratch using Active Dry Yeast
 and not EAT them before they came home from their Mountain Bike Ride in the Mountains

After the dough rose in Great Grama Katie Penner's bowl, 
 we rolled it out and POURED on the Butter just as the recipe said to
 and while we were baking all this yumminess we were Very Healthily sipping Very Healthy Fruit Smoothies
and then we added the Cinnamon and the Sugar and Nuts and the Home-Made Peach Jam
and then we rolled it all up and cut it into slices and put them in pans to bake
and then even though it's one of the 104* hottest days of late summer, we turned on the oven to test out these for Christmas 
while TJ & Brett were up at the Ski Slopes with their Mountain Bikes
and when I text them, to entice them to come home to my home-made from Dry Yeast cinnamon rolls 
it Just Slipped Out!! 

Eait instead of Wait.  Which I think is really rather what I Should Do,,,,  

EAT These and Not Wait!!!
the icing is made with Strong Coffee and maple flavoring!!
 Oh Dear. 
I KNEW this would happen.  You cant's take your mountain bike to a Ski Slope and not expect this to happen!!!!

As they walked in the door they say, "THIS is why you should Always Wear a Helmet!!"
after which they proceed to show me their "trophies"!!


  1. Ouch! Nate loves cinnamon rolls too. He probably thought he had died and gone to heaven. Is that Brett with the trophy injury. It looks like it might smart a little. Hope he's okay, and I'm very glad that he was wearing a helmet. This is Lynette BTW. I don't know why is says Dan.

  2. Hi There! Yes it was Brett. And Thank You for Commenting on my blogsite, I really appreciate it!! =))
    I think you email is registered to Dan, and that may be why it comes up as his name. I I figured it was you & not him =)) I asked one of our other friends what he thot of my blog & he said "it's a Girl Blog" That must be why TJ's not so interested.....