Wednesday, September 14, 2011


 The BABY BUMP is Showing!!! It's so exciting!!!   
We were out to dinner with Son and DIL and THIS is what happens when there are Multiple Generations having fun visiting around One table at a noisy restaurant:

Tom's 'visiting' was sounding a little bit more like COMPLAINING when baby-bump-showing  DIL asks him, "Tom,,, are you MANstrating?!?!"
hahahahha we all crack up, that's So Funny until

my Dad leans to my Mom and asks her, "what did she say?"
which was adorable enough and we giggle until

Mom leans to Me and asks, "What did she say?"
now we're Really Laughing when I tell her what DIL said, "MANstrating."
and Mom LAUGHS as she leans back to Dad and tells him, "she said MANstrating"
and he LAUGHS out loud!!!
at which point it all becomes So Hilarious our sides are splitting and we've become a spectacle in the restaurant!!!
arn't they adorable?

"The Mercy of the Lord is from Generation to Generation". 
I just love that part =))

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