Monday, October 24, 2011

Update 3rd Quarter SHOE GIVAWAY

This blog title is Not a football reference, it's to let you know how my little 'Experiment' of 2011 is going.  It's now past the 3rd Quarter in the year and.... And  you can't believe how hard it is sometimes to Not Buy Any New Clothes for a whole Year!! 
Ill be completely honest, I've been pretty good so far, but it's not been easy and it's not been without some Compromise along the way!    
Remember the BOOTS I bought in February that opened the box of compromise?
Well once that box was opened, it gave way to the swimsuit in May
(swimsuits are NOT clothes you know)
and then it just SNOWBALLED into Justification and Rationalization in August when we were on vacation!! 
The Deal was this: No New Clothes for a Year.  
So we rationalized that Boots are not clothes, and Swimsuits are Definitely not clothes, and Scarves are Accessories, not clothes.  But T-Shirts?  Well those could be considered clothes

UNLESS you're on vacation,,,
then they're Souvenirs!!! Right?!?
see how this goes?
It all started when I Got To Quit My Job Last November!!!! It was a momentous, fantastic, frighteningly wonderful day in my life when I quit my job, and after that a whole flood of emotions came over me and the outcome of some of that was my 'Experiment' to Not Buy Any New Clothes for a year!!
I wanted to do this 'Experiment' to see if I could do it Purposefully.  I've done it before you know, just not on purpose. Earlier, I did it based need, namely Poverty!!!  This time I want to do it based on Purpose!! Oh Dont be confused, it's true when I did this before I really didnt have hardly any money at all, and now that Im doing this again Im not necessarily wealthy, but Comparatively?
Well compared to how my life Used to Be? I Feel Extravagantly Wealthy!!!

At any rate,I like to think of myself as rather conservative in most every way,,,
Some people call it 'Balanced' others call it  yawn  Boring!!!  But for ME,  I feel Ive been allowed to live a rather extravagant life since TJ married me. Some would question that, and others might agree,
but the point is this: 
I Got To Quit My Job  
 (have I mentioned how wonderfully GLAD I am about that?)
and although I do 'contribute', Im not 'bringing in a paycheck' per-say, so I feel kinda weird about spending $$ on myself.  It seems selfish and self indulgent AND because TJ and I sort of try to
'Live Life On Purpose'...
that's how I now find myself in the midst of my 'Experiment'. 

For a long time I didnt even tell TJ about it.  Partly because I wanted to see how long it would take him to notice, which he DIDN'T.  And partly because I didn't want him to know if I failed, which I HAVEN'T yet.  But I was kind of hoping he'd find out from reading it in my blog, which he DOESN'T.  So how would he find out?  Well eventually he overhead me talking about it, which doesn't really matter cause I'm pretty sure he Doesn't CARE that Im trying to Not Buy any new clothes for a whole year!!

And so far I AM Succeeding!!!  Are you proud of me?  Not a single piece of new clothes since January this year!!!
Well you know, except for those Boots.
And the Swimsuit 
(which no one has seen me in, so how does that count?!)
And the Scarf 
And the Souvenir T-Shirt
and Truly, except for those justified exceptions, there. is. no. And.

Who would know if I were failing my Experiment anyway? And  would it really matter?  Well it matters to me, and I want you to know that I think about you at Costco as I deny myself in the Sweater department, and I think about you in Target as I deliberately walk away from the Dress department, and I think about you as I avoid the clothes departments in Macys and at Riverpark.  I want to really see if I can DO this on purpose and I want to be faithful to you when I tell about how it's progressing for me.  And please believe me when I tell you that THIS is not helping me at all:

so if you are at all bothered by my 'Experiment',
AND if you Agree with me that I am justified in buying SHOES, then let me offer you THESE:

These are size 7 1/2 and Im giving them away to anyone who wants them.
I bought them this year and wore them only once, and they just dont work for me so
IF ANYBODY Would like these shoes, please tell me and they are YOURS!!!

Don't worry.  I have other black shoes I can wear.  They're not clothes you know, so since THESE don't work for me I bought other black shoes that DO! 

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