Friday, October 28, 2011

Wedding Pie

 My goodness it's fun to attend the weddings of 
not our friends but the 
Children of our friends!!
 our Dear Domino Friends
Congratulations Dear Steve and Jana!!  Your son has grown into a Strong Godly man for which there can be no greater Joy than to see him married to SUCH a lovey strong Godly woman of HIS choosing!!

The DETAILS at this wedding and RECEPTION were both bountiful and deliberate, adding delight and pleasure for all who shared in their joy!
 And Speaking of DOMINOS!!
is it dominoEs? or dominos.  Spell check wants the E but I like it withOUT the e.
And I have the pleasure of preparing the meals for our Domino no e Weekend at Yosemite with an e.  Thanks to the Warkentine's for the use of their cabin, we will be enjoying an entire weekend of DOMINOS!  Of course we'll eat a few meals while we're there, one of which will be breakfast, and in anticipation of THAT, I'm thinking a little homemade Blueberry Syrup might just be the ticket to go along with the Baked French Toast?!?

The syrup's easy as pie!  From the blueberries I had picked out back, um, I mean from the bag of Frozen Blueberries I picked out of the Back of my Freezer and put in a pot on the stove, 
I added 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar. 
I let that soften a bit on medium heat and then I processed them in the food processor 
where else would you process food? 
 Then I put it back on the stove and as it was reducing  I decided it was a little thick for syrup, more like Blueberry Sauce, so I Added Another cup of Water and Another cup of sugar and let that reduce a bit more.
 And if Ever there was a time to wear one of these,
it's when making This
 Deliciously DEEP BLUE Blueberry Syrup.  
Oh and don't forget, you have to STRAIN it to separate the syrup from the thick gooey blueberries.  Mmmm, it smells like Blueberry PIE in here!  And what shall I make with the thick gooey blueberry SAUCE!?!

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