Monday, October 10, 2011


It's a weird and wonderful thing to attend the weddings of our friend's Children!!!
It's just such an odd thing when our own children get married, although we anticipate it, look forward to and expect it, it still seems rather odd in a way.  I know Im not alone in feeling this way.  Time has a way of getting away from us all. <grin> How much 'weirder' must it be, to be at the wedding of your Grandchildren!!?  

Oh Yes, Speaking of Grandchildren!!!  Yesterday in church I visited with my dear old  (and I DO mean old) friend, Estelle Hays.  She's known me practically all my life which is about a quarter of her life.  Ok wait,  Im going be 50, so clearly you can see that Math is NOT my strength because that would make her about 200 years old so let's rethink this...  
Her cabin and my Grama's cabin at Hume Lake were right next to each other and since I spent all the summers of my life since I was 2 years old at the:
at Hume Lake, well that would be how she's known me practically all my life. 

And yesterday in church I was telling her that I get to be a GRAMA now, and she told me, "no, you're much too young to be a Grama".  "But in the spring," I tell her, "I'll be 50 years old!"  "Isn't that old enough to be a Grama?" I ask? 
"Well Dear," says she "in the spring I'll be Ninety TWO; so 50 just seems like a Baby to me!!"

Isn't that adorable!! I just LOVE that!!  I love that she offers me perspective and at the same time she understands the joy of my new-found Grama status!!  I tell her that my new grandbaby coming will be the first girl in our family and her eyes just Twinkle!!

Having multiple generations in our lives is  precious gift, and a necessity all at the same time. In my Bible I have several little handwritten notes taped at certain places.  Notes writen to me from MY Grama Siemens.  This one's been in
 in my Bible for Years, and although I see it often, I read it rarely, so, given my new-found Grama Status, I recently read it and, 
and I Wept. 
It's such a precious little note of love and tenderness and simplicity and humor and mostly, it's Deep with a perspective of eternity and meaning for our own lives, and the importance of introducing the next generation to Jesus and praying for them and praying over them and teaching them what our life lived with Him is about.
At my friend's daughter's wedding, I could see in her eyes, what it feels like to see your kids getting married, and it was so neat to hear her tell me later, that, as her husband gave the father-of-the-Bride Toast, she could see and hear his Grampa Goossen in him!!!

So now Im going to get to be a Grama in the Spring for which I truely AM old enough to be, and I think I might just need to be a little careful....  I know how I remember MY Gramas, and Im wondering:
How will my Grandchildren remember theirs??
YAY for a new little Grandbaby Girl coming and YAY for the heritage she will receive!!

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