Saturday, November 12, 2011

Better in Print

 Some things are better in print than they are on film. You know, like a really great book that they make into a movie that's so much better as a book than it is played out as real life?
Like me.
I had this really great idea to make these adorable Mini Blueberry Corn Bread Muffins.
Sounds really good and looks really good in print, no?
See, I have this little collection of cast iron antique muffin pans that I hang on the wall in my kitchen, and when I saw this Blueberry Cornbread Muffin picture and recipe, well I just thought that would be the perfect thing to make in one of my antique cast iron muffin pans that typically only hang on the wall in my kitchen.
They look kinda cute hanging on the wall in my kitchen, no?
So I specifically bought some Corn Meal and some Buttermilk  and some Dried Cran Blueberries for this recipe and I set out to fulfill this super cute idea of mine. (Yea, to make this recipe in the antique cast iron pan of mine)
Mix the dry ingredients together
Mix the wet ingredients.
Then Mix them All together 
and Pour it into the pan.Oh yea, here comes the good part, my super neat idea to use my antique cast iron pan:
Bake at 400 for 10 minutes till golden brown.
Well when 10 was not near enough time to make them golden brown and neither was 20, I started to wonder a bit about this recipe.  But my mouth was all ready for these delightful muffins and finally when they were Golden Brown
I SCRAPPED them out of the pan (which fortunately they did scrape out of) and tried one immediately with Butter.

Tried another one, to no avail.
I don't like them. 
Maybe it's the buttermilk?  Maybe if I used melted butter instead of melted shortening in the recipe?
Nope, Just don't like them.
 Some things are just better in print than they are in real life.  And this blueberry cornbread muffin recipe is one of those things, because, although it looks and sounds good in print, yes???,,,,
in Real Life, not so much.  And THEN,
Ever tried to CLEAN a Cast Iron Muffin pan?  There's a Reason it became an Antique!!
I think I shall put this little pan right back where it belongs;  
On the Wall!!!
It's just better in print than it is in real life.
Unlike my SINK. 
Because,  I just want to say, "I Love My Sink!"  
in Print, AND in Real Life!!
it's the BEST part of my Whole kitchen!!

in which I am Most Comfortable  =))

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