Thursday, November 10, 2011

a New Generation

 I've been having so much fun fixing up this little bassinet-size crib for my newest, firstest, Grand DAUGHTER that I'm getting in February!!  This little crib is 72 years old.  Grama and Grampa Penner bought it brand new for their first baby, my Mom!! It's a Bassinet size crib, but the story is that my mom slept in it till she was close to a year old (hence the little nickname Grama gave her; 'Teeny') That 'little' name stuck with her,  
mostly between her mom and her, all their life.  
Remember, just before Grama went Home, she told my mom,
'Teeny, Im going to miss you!!?'

That warms my heart to this day.

The little crib was used for my mom, and then for her brothers that came after her.  It's a bassinet size crib, so really you only use it when the babies are newborn which is why the story of my mom being so tiny that she could stay in it till she was almost one, is so remarkable. Really?!! It typically doesn't take too long before babies outgrow the little crib, which I imagine her baby brothers did much sooner than she did.  I'm not Telling you what their nicknames were, but they were the First Generation in the crib.
The little crib was passed around in the family till ALL the baby cousins had a turn in THIS little crib until it came back to my Mom when she had babies of her own! 
That would be my bother and me!  
 We were the Second Generation in the little crib and then all OUR Cousins had a turn and the cousin's cousins had a turn and, oh dear!! There were lots of us in the second generation until it came back to ME when I had My babies which were the Third Generation!
This little crib has been passed around a lot by now, which was easy to do because the feet on the legs of this little crib have Rollers on them!! And they still work really well, so you can just roll this little thing around with you from room to room while you work and where you nap and when you're hanging diapers out on the line and wait.  THAT was the other generation. by time it got back to me, there was no more hanging diapers on the line!
As you can imagine, there was a bit of ware and tare that this little crib has endured over the years so a fresh coat of paint and a sweet little stencil on the sides was just the ticket for my Third Generation babies
Well once this ball gets rolling it just doesnt stop so it didnt take very long for my brother's babies to sleep in it, and then my cousin's babies all had a turn and then?
Then there was a bit of a lull.  
A lull-aby you might say. 
Until now.  
Now the stencil that was painted 26 years ago in anticipation of my baby's birth, 
on the crib that was purchased 72 years ago for my mother's birth,
has received a fresh coat of paint and is ready to receive it's newest birth,
it's Fourth Generation!!  
to Welcome Baby Kenzie!!

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