Thursday, November 17, 2011


Spoiled is what happens when you leave stuff in the fridge too long.  Not that I do that!!!  It's just that if it's still good, you cant throw it out untill it's... Spoiled!!
And although I do consider myself one of the luckie Most Fortunate Ladies Alive, you will Not be hearing me say that I am spoiled.  You wont see it on my license plate frame, nor do I intend to 'spoil' my grandchildren rotten.  Once it's  spoiled it's good for the garbage alone and NObody likes rotten children, WHY would I want to do that?!?

It's interesting the things you learn, from lots of different people, you know?
Sometimes you think you've already got it down, like for instance Mashed Potatoes!!  
If ANYBODY knows how to do Mashed Potatoes it's THIS Mashed Potatoe Girl
Ive been eating them and making them all my life.  Raised my babies on the smooth fluffy morsels.  I could enjoy ANY meal with Mashed Potatoes, literally ANY!!  and then?  One day dear MIL tells me, 
"Oh no Dear, they only need enough water to See the tops of the potatoes, not cover them."

Really?  What do you know!! 
Fortunately for ME, I've one smart cookie for a Mother In Law!!
 That's TJ in the background there, putting new line on her cloths line.  Dontcha love that?!?!
 Here's MIL again, isn't she adorable?
 She has to cage her flowers like this so the deer dont eat them!!
So ever since then, I've been boiling my potatoes in just enough water to to see the tops of them, but Not cover them, and sure enough!  It makes for this deliciousness, 
And whadoya know! I've Learned Something!!
Well, learnING.  See, these?  
Actually there's a little too much water in there.  MAN old habits die hard.
It's ok.  Just add BUTTER and milk and salt, whip them up and it becomes deliciousness!
Skins, no skins.  Russets, Red, Golden, 
lumpy, smooth,,,  it's ALL Good!!
I know, I know, you can add sour cream or cream cheese, or broth or velveeta or, 
someones Favorite,,, BACON.  Or keep them pure and plain.  There's only one Must: 
Must. Add. Butter.
PotatoE?  oop, sometimes SPELLING is good to learn too.
One thing's for sure,,, 
these babies almost NEVER last long enough to Spoil!!!

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  1. Hilarious. now I learned something. love it!