Monday, December 5, 2011

Camber and Alan

Engagements, Weddings, Babies and Funerals I LOVE them All!!!
Im just weird that way.
They each seem to bring out the REAL in us.
Sometimes that's not real pretty, I know.  But it's Real.
So lets just start at the beginning with the ENGAGEMENT!!!
Our youngest son proposed to his girl,,, and she said Yes!!
(of course she did, what's not to love!)
They sat on the beach
and watched the sun go down
She had no idea he'd arranged for us to be there
watching from behind
and just as the sun was setting, 
he got up and went round to the front of her
"Here he goes ~  This is It!!"  
Oh my word, TJ was MORE excited than any of us!!!
and as we watched, he Got Down On One Knee
and Gave her a Ring!!
 "Im So Happy!!" she says.  
"Then turn around and tell THEM"  says he.
How incredible is it when your youngest son, your Most Independent son, invites you to be at the beach (incognito, hiding with a camera from behind)
to witness his Proposal?!?!
It's So Incredible that you are Too Excited To properly Focus Your Camera!!! 
Thats how incredible it is.
It was only the Most Remarkable Sunset on That Very Night. 
It had rained the night before, 
and was to rain the night after,
but Glorious on THAT Proposal night!!
TJ and I brought Champagne
her parents and sister brought flowers
We hugged and laughed and cried
 We toasted on the beach watching the sun sink, taking it's glorious light with it.
It was such a moment
We just couldnt bear to let it end.
But alas, the Men are Hungry.
Congratulations and Best Wishes you two love birds!!


  1. Love that he let you in on the moment. What an honor.

  2. Hi "LJ"!! I didn't know you were a blogger! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Your post made me cry - seriously! It was just beautiful! Congratulations to all of you! I remember Brett when he was just a fun loving kid in the youth group! Now, he's all grown up and getting married! I'm so happy for ALL of you! And what a special gift that he allowed you to share in the moment!!!

    Blessings & Love, Joan

  3. Silly me...this isn't Brett... Callen, right? Congratulations again!!!