Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ive Almost Made It!!!

*Experiment* Update
4th Quarter

Well I've almost made it; *One Whole Year without buying a single piece of new clothes*.
It's been rather interesting, some have asked me, 'what about 'thrift store' cloths, they're not new?' 
But no, that would be new to me, and the *experiment was to see if I could go *one whole year without buying any new clothes* (new to me) and simply Wear What I Already Have.

And I have.
Well, almost anyway.  One last week to go!

Sometimes it's been really hard: like for the Christmas Party.  I Really wanted something new to wear for our office Christmas Party.  But I resisted.  I went through my closet, AGAIN.  And I found the sparkly sweater set I got a couple years ago.  It was still in the plastic bag from the cleaners & hadn't been worn in two years, so that's as good as new, no? 
And by sparkly sweater set I do Not mean like an Ugly Christmas Sweater. Just to be clear, this is a plain, cream-colored tank top with a matching cardigan sweater, set, that has little iridescent sparklys at the neck to make it festive!!! That is all.

I try to tell TJ how hard it's been to have not boughten (is that a word?) to not buy anything new for almost a whole year now (because we're talking about it now,  It only took about a half a year for him to notice that I had Nothing New to Wear) and he just says, Really?

YES Really.
"Well you never complain about it."
"Well Im not a Complainer then, am I?!!"  "Because it's been pretty difficult at times.  And who would know?!  If I did buy something, who would know?  Or who would care?  What difference would it make to anybody if I do this successfully, or if I break my own little silly rule and buy something new?"
"Well, you would know." he says.

And he's right.  Again.  Of Course. As Usual!!
Man that man makes me crazy!!

So it's been an interesting experiment this year, going a whole year without buying ANY new cloths. I've surprised myself at how often I think of buying something for myself, without even conscientiously thinking about it. Almost every time at Sam's or Costco I find myself thinking, "Oh I could use that shirt" or "I need pants like that" and then I remember my *Experiment* and I stop myself!! Truth is, I already HAVE pants like that, and my closet already contains a shirt similar to that. Without this *Experiment* I would have spent the money, and not really thought much of it. And because of my *Experiment* I've saved a bunch of money and been a rather good steward of the cloths that are already in my closet, wouldn't you say? How many of YOU have ever done that? 
 Purposefully denied yourself just to see if you could??

Like any good rule, you know, there are exceptions.  Sort of.  You know, little rationalizations and justifications along the way.  Remember the scarf?  We decided accessories weren't clothes, so it was ok to buy a new scarf.  And by me, I mean me and you.  Well mostly me, telling you about it, see, that's my way of rationalizing myself into the exception of my rule so that I can still do what I want and get what I want all at the same time!  See how this works? A complainer I am Not, but a Justifier and a Rationalizer?  Now  that's a different story!
So we decided that Accessories weren't clothes, and Shoes weren't clothes, and T-shirts that are purchased on vacation are Souvenirs, not clothes. And we all AGREE that Swimsuits are Not Clothes!!
And so then,  we did a good job, all year!

I learned a neat new trick about keeping camping stuff organized which I have sort of been able to apply to my closet full of (old) clothes.  The camping trick is to put a piece of masking tape, I used Blue, on each piece of equipment you take camping.  Then every time you use that thing, you take the tape off so that at the end of the season, anything that still has tape on it hasn't been used, and you take that out of the stash to lighten your load.  Then you know you have all the essentials you need, without all the bulk.

So I applied that trick this year in my closet too!  Well I applied it virtually, not really physically.  You see, since I've been working with TJ this past year, I've learned a little something about VIRTUAL computers as opposed to REAL computers.  It's all kept Very Securely in The Cloud you know!!
And it's all quite complicated, and now you know exactly as much about it as I do!!

And so I VIRTUALLY put Blue Masking Tape on each thing hanging in my closet, so that now at the end of this year of *experiment, I can see with my head in the Cloud exactly what Ive worn and what I haven't!

And now, at the end of my Year of Experiment, I'm pulling stuff off the hangers that still have a "Blue Masking Tape" on it, and making a Donation Pile which in turn, is

Giving Me Room in my Closet.

For Next Year!!!

Because I CANT go Two Years without buying any new clothes,
can I??

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