Thursday, December 8, 2011

Weddings and BABIES

in that order.  
Im just weird that way.
It's just so facinating to me to see how God Works.
The thing is,,, when God is at Work, it can be just that, Work!
It's not always easy, and lots (when typo'd is, lost) of people dont like to do it! (work, that is)
But if you are willing to participate in the work of God in your life, It's Totally Amazing.
So here we are at the 1st Baby Shower for the 1st of the 4th Generations of babies to sleep in this little crib!
 Generations are important to the Lord, and consequently, become important to us.  And although babies are born every day, it's nothing short of a Miracle when you are getting a baby of your own!! 
And, a Grand Baby Daughter of your own. 
I know, I know, 
I'll be sharing her with her other Grama, but lets just say We Are Excited!!
I'll never forget being a new Mommy myself, just last year, wasnt it?
I held that little newborn on my shoulder rocking him in the nursery.  And as I held his little feet in my hands I prayed for him that he would grow to be a strong Godly man, who's feet would walk in the ways of the Lord.
And then I blinked.
And here I am,

praying as I make cards for my baby Granddaughter coming.
And watching as the gifts are opened in anticipation of her debut into our family.
It was just a lovely shower-brunch!!
Ha Ha Daddy - it was CARROT Soup
oh my.  Carrot GINGER soup with Lime Creme Fraiche.
mmmmmm, Thank you Laurie, it was De LIGHT ful!!
and Such Fun!
And I found out that Sheila prays too, as she works,
Thank you Shiela, what an amazing 'labor' of love.
LABOR!!  Ooop, sorry Cyndee, just a little play on words 
not all that different from the 'work' of the Lord in our life.
Labor's rarely easy, but it sure is worth the effort =))
Cant wait to see you:

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