Monday, January 30, 2012

Experiment 2012 - January Update

My dear super-chic girlfriend Dayla, who's style is as unique as her name, 'checked in' at Forever 21 the other day which of course, inspired me to do the same.  It's been MORE than a year now since I've bought any new clothes for myself, and now that it's well into 2012, I Am Needing Some New Clothes and since that store updated last year, taking over 3 whole floors of the former Gottschalks (*sniff* sadness) I just thought Surely there would be something there I could find!
THREE Whole Floors of clothes!
All the floors are color coordinated and guess what?  TABLECLOTH-Clothes are IN!!! Im so excited, I just LOVE crocheted, lace, tablecloth-clothes and I had no idea there was so much of it in style right now and Im in heaven!!!
So I look at the first one and 
and then I look at the lable

Oh dear.  This isn't going to go well.  And sure enough, I look at the next piece that I like, and the next and the next, and Every Single One is Made In CHINA and I have to put them all back.  I dont even look at the price or the size, I just look straight at the label and everything is China =((.
Ok, well a few of them are Indonesia, or Taiwan, but MOST are China.  
I literally shopped all 3 floors of that store.  Corner to corner, side to side, up one isle and down the next, section after section.

I stand and look,
find something I like, 
look at the lable,
put it back.
stand and look,
find something I like, 
look at the label,
put it back.
TJ says he thinks I'd look good in some jeans with bling.  Really?  Come on!  Anyone that knows me knows I am NOT a 'bling' girl, but these look kinda cute
oh dear::
and all I found were 3 individual tops that were Made in USA. That's one top for every 1000. on three floors in one store.

After one whole year of not buying anything new for myself, I think Ive become a little bit particular because of the 3 tops made in USA, NONE of them really 'struck' me.
I bought nothing.
I've come home defeated and deflated.

There's only one thing to do.

Make tapioca pudding with Grama Penner's wooden spoon and take it to my new-mommy DIL!!!
Which I did.  And THIS::
makes it all worthwile!!!
Made in the U.S.A

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