Friday, January 13, 2012

Experiment 2012

I Did It!!!
I made it a Whole Year
without buying one single piece of new clothes!!
My Experiment of 2011 has been a Success!!

What a weird thing it has turned out to be though because now I've been wondering, 
am I done?  Is it over? 
Am I supposed to go out now and BUY new clothes??
Well several of my most dearest friends have resoundingly told me YES!!!
And not just buy new clothes, but 
Go Shopping 
(that makes a difference?? ok then, Let's GO!!) 

So the other day I did a Grama thing which is what Im suppose to do because Im ALMOST about to be a Grama you know.  Our new baby grandDAUGHTER isnt really due to arrive for several weeks, but Dr. and Mommy both agree that it will be fine if she will just come on into this word any ol' day now!!
So the Grama thing overcame me and while I was getting ready for the Baby Shower,

Look at this Diaper Cake!! Daughter In Law to-be made it for DIL daughter in law, isn't this Adorable??!!
It's made of diapers and head bands and rattles and booties and hair clips!!
But while I was getting ready for the shower I did this:
"You DIDN'T!" my friend Deanne exclaims, but Yes, I Did iron the used tissue paper from the Last Baby Shower 
and reused it to wrap all the super cute little outfits I've been busy shopping for and buying the last several months in anticipation of the arrival of our GrandDAUGHTER!! 
My DIL daughter in law has decorated her nursery with Butterflies so I've carried on with the theme 
and have admired others who've done the same.
And Oh Dear. 
There was lots of really neat tissue paper at This Baby Shower too, and as she opened gifts they were just wadding it up and throwing it all away! 
So now for REAL my Grama instincts are kicking in and I could Not resist taking that wadded up tissue paper home with me again to 
Iron and reuse!!!  
It's good practice for me cause I've never been a Grama to a GrandDAUGHTER before and while I was Ironing the Tissue for reuse, I pondered and pondered the questions I have about my Experiment of 2011
 "What Should I do for an Experiment in 2012???"
And then it came to me,,,
What if, for 2012, I did NOT Buy anything made in China???
Could I do it?
Does it matter?
It's incredible to me how MUCH we buy that is made in China.  I like the new kick about buying American.  It might be difficult to buy only American made for a whole year, but could I at least Not buy from China?  Would 'Made in India' be ok?  How 'bout Taiwan or Indonesia? It's not that I'm against China, but there's only so much to go around, and if my money's going to support someone's economy, 
best it be our own, no?
Well all the stores are having Big Sales right now; my favorite kind you know, 50% off of the Sale price!! And since my 2011 Experiment is finished, I let myself go out shopping and while I was in the dressing room I remembered my proposed 2012 Experiment and look what I found?
ALL These that Im interested in, that's been SO long since Ive had, are all Made in China!!
(or Indonesia or somewhere else)
Oh Dear,This is NOT going to be easy.
I REALLY want this Green Sweater.  It's the Last One, and it fits like a charm and it's So Soft AND
And it's Half OFF of the Sale Price!!!!
But Look:
So I put it back.
And went grocery shopping instead. 
I found a recipe for home-made taco seasoning
and all I need is garlic powder,
and Look What I Found?!?!


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