Thursday, February 9, 2012

Experiment 2012 - February Update

Ahh, it is with a long-Time sigh of relief that I can tell you that I   
have something new to wear!!!

Last month I shopped and shopped for new clothes and although I did find a few things that were Made in USA, I bought nothing.  Mostly because the FEW USA things I did find were either
A) Too Expensive, or 
B) just not that interesting.

The Experiment itself has been (is) quite interesting to me.  You know how it is, you walk into a store and the little girls,
I mean the Sales Girls 
ask, "Can I help you find anything?" or "Are you finding everything ok?" or something to that effect. To which we reply, "Oh Im just browsing", or "Just looking thank you" or something to that effect.
But this year I've been telling them that "I'm looking for anything that is USA made" to which I receive a variety of responses.  
Some of the  little girls sales girls just look blankly at me. Perhaps they've Never Considered Where their merchandise comes from?
Others answer me confidently, "Oh no, everything comes from overseas!"  
A couple of times I was told that several other people have asked for that Made in America.  Really?  Im so proud!!!
And then one lady told me about two specific brands at Macy's that are American Made.  Really?  Im so there!! 
So off I went to Macy's, I asked the sales Lady and YES!  She knew exactly what I was talking about and guided me right to the department.  It's True: both the Karen Kane and the Nocherdotters, 
Im sorry, which jeans?
"Over on that side, the Nocher Dotter jeans"
Notcher Dotter.  I ask again??
"Not.  Your.   Daughter's. 
The brand is Not Your Daughter's Jeans."    
Ooooooh,  I reply.  Gotcha.
And sure enough, everything Karen Kane and everything Nocher Dotter  Not Your Daughter's Jeans is Made in the U.S.A.   Im so excited.
I look at the price tag.
Oh my.
Oh dear.
We Americans are a proud lot.  Well, the truth is we are a REGULATED lot and we have way too many government regulations and restricts in manufacturing and commerce in our country and that, my dear friends, is what I am told is the reason that USA Made is Very Expensive.
Oh my.
Those N.Y.D. jeans FIT wonderfully.
And as you know, justification and rationalization runs in my veins so I would  perhaps might have been willing to spend the money for a New Pair of Jeans because you know I Haven't Spent Any Money At ALL on clothes for OVER a year, but they wern't even fancy or cute really, just plain.  Yes they FIT wonderfully, but A Hundred and Sixty Five Dollars for Plain jeans?

Cant do it.
And the Karen Kane line?  didnt fit, didnt appeal to me, didnt want to blow my wad on something that just wasnt right for me.
Until now.

Iv'e loved Anthropology for a long time and their sales girl guy started pulling out all sorts of clothes for me to try on that were all USA Made! 
And Best of All,lots were from the Sale Closet!!
 So now

I FINALLY have something new to wear.

: :
: :

And THIS is for your viewing pleasure.

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  1. very weird post - and inaccurate. AG jeans, splendid, and bailey 44 are all traditionally more expensive brands than nydj or karen kane.