Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Laundry Soap!!

If Easter was about Bunnies, I'd be All Over THIS:
BUTT since it's NOT
and since none of our kids and grandkids can come for Easter this year I'm pouting and Im not doing anything special for Easter.
: :
Im going to eat soap.
I mean Make soap!!
I have some of the most Amazing friends whom I admire so much because they get to live in the country and they plant herb gardens and keep chickens for Fresh Eggs and they Make Their own Laundry Soap!!!
Well I cant keep chickens for eggs in town where I live butt I CAN make Laundry Soap
so lets get busy:
I put
1 Bar Ivory Soap
  in my food processor to grate it all up.  Looks like grated cheese, doesn't it, Want Some?
And I dump it in a bucket and add 
1/2 Cup Baking oh no wait, not that, it's WASHING SODA
Washing Soda is sodium carbonate, or sodium ash and isn't found just anywhere, butt the other indigence can be easily found at the grocery store which is
1/2 Cup of Borax
Just stir this all up in a bucket with your Heart Shaped Spoon that your friend gave you for your birthday; the one that has become your New Favorite Wooden Spoon, which says a LOT because your other favorite wooden spoon was your Grama Penner's wooden spoon and her spoon is Very Dear to your heart!!!
So there you have it!!
Homemade Laundry Soap
Now remember, it only takes 1 Tablespoon per Load. 
which is not very much at all and is going to be very hard to force yourself to do, because we are So Used to scooping out a whole cup of laundry detergent (or pouring out enough liquid soap to fill the entire container that our washer tells us to) and this is Only 1 Tablespoon per load!!! Put it in the bottom of your washer (doesn't matter what kind of washer you have, it still goes in the bottom of the drum) underneath the clothes and carry on as usual with all your other chores.
Like Easter Planning, which Im Not doing cause none of our kids or grandkids can come. 
Butt if I was, and if Easter was about Chickies and Candies I'd be All Over THESE:
I'd make them from super-cute double-sided printed paper, and instead of 'Fortunes' inside, I'd write,
HEY Wait!   This IS a good idea, maybe I WILL do this for Easter this year:
I'll make these little paper origami fortunes, like we used to do in grade school butt instead of 'fortunes' Im going to write Blessings on the inside, and Easter Bible Verses, how 'bout that?!?!
Because Easter IS about the Jesus in the Bible you know!!
And I just might set a pretty table to come home to for brunch after church on Easter morning, and it might have folded napkins at each place setting like this:
And even if none of the kids or grandkids can come for Easter Dinner this year, it's ok because Jesus is the Christ and whether we celebrate with bunnies or chickies or eggs, Easter is about JESUS and the fact that He Rose from the Grave. So let's celebrate the Eternal Life we have through Jesus and the Forgiveness of our sins, with our large family gatherings or small gatherings of friends. Let's have ham and potato casserole, or eggs benedict florentine, because He Arose, He Arose, Halleluiah Christ Arose!!

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