Friday, July 6, 2012

Mirror Mirror

We haven't been back to Mirror Lake for a year and a half. 
It's not easy to get there, so that might have something to do with it.
 This is the one in Sierra Nat'l Forrest, not the one in Yosemite.

 It's been so long since we've been there and we relish the chance to go again so in the midst of our planning to go, it didn't make sense to me when TJ asked,
 "so Mirror Lake, that's what you want to do this weekend?" 
 Uh, (of course!) What do you mean? 
"Well its our Anniversary this weekend."  
Oh yea!!! Number 12 (a record breaker for both of us=)) YaY!!! 
 So, uh, what are my options? "Well I had a little something in mind."  

Oh dear. That's Never happened before. Plan ahead? Not so much. 
 Surprise me? Never!! 
12 years has taught me many things about TJ and part of what I've learned is that planning a surprise is absolutely not in his makeup. Well he doesn't wear make up, I promise, not ever, but it's not a part of his character so this Really Intrigued me!!!! 

 Remember last year? Anniversary #11, I was offered my favorite B&B in Pacific Grove Or,,,,
: :
: :
or A New Jeep Rack!!!
Oh how could I choose? 
What a dilemma: 2 nights at a lovely B&B on the coast? OR 200 nights of camping in the Jeep?
And I picked the Jeep Rack, remember??

 "But if you want to do Mirror this weekend, we can do this other thing next weekend"  
OK!!!!!! Says I.

 But Oh my what could it be? And what's gotten into TJ that he would behave like this?
 I told my friend Nancy about it and, well she knows him pretty well and she tells me, 
"oh LJ, you're setting yourself up (for disappointment). 
You need to tell yourself' with much anticipation, 
 " he's going to come home with : : : TAKEOUT!!!!"
 I just Love her, she keeps my feet on the ground. So we went to Mirror last weekend & had a Delightful time in our Jeep with the Rack. It was beautiful there.
 It was fun and skewwy getting there. 
 And getting out!

It's not a very big lake at all, but Beautiful to BE there!
An Egret flew in and perched right on top of that tree right 
Plus it was so adorable when Middle-Son showed up with girlfriend! They'd hiked in to join us for supper! Well they didn't exactly join US for supper,
They kinda found a little place of their own to have their supper, but they were there with us, and they are delightful! It was Saturday and I'd missed yesterday's Bad Joke Friday, so later on, as we're 'smoring' round the campfire, Middle-Son fills us in,
"Guy goes to the Doctor. He has a carrot in his ear and a stock of celery in his nose. Dr. tells him, 'son, you're not eating right!'" 
And now you know the magical draw of camping and 'smooring' around a campfire, far away in the Forrest!! Mirror Lake was lovely and now we're looking at the next weekend coming.  You know, the one he had 'plans' for.

So I ask hm,  "We don't have plans this this weekend, do we?" "I'd like to go for a tandem ride in the morning," he says, "and did you want to have supper with Leslie tonight? (yesterday was her birthday) Sure, I say!
 (he's got nothin) 
And then with a sideways glance as he's walking away, he says, "You'll be enjoying your weekend." 

 Oh dear.

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