Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Everything is for a Season.
When the Season is rainy and dreary and dark, then I'm very happy that it's only for a Season.
But when the Season is sunny and warm and cheerful
 then I never want it to end.
And so it is with my dear Grand neighbors. 
Never in my life have I had such dear, delightful neighbors.
The sun began to shine when these guys (then 3 and 5) moved in next door

and became  grandneighbors of mine !!
I didnt know they were going to be my grandneighbors when they first moved in but boy am I glad it turned out that way. At first, it caught me off guard,,, they were just So Friendly! And they kinda talked funny; the dad especially, saying things like "a Boot" and "two MOOR oh" and "GAIR age". Every time Id open my garage door he didnt just wave, he walk over and visit!!  Well Im just not USED to that.  Around here, we open our 'GAIRage', back the car out and drive away.  We come home later, drive the car in the 'GAIR'age and shut the 'lid'.
But NOOOO, not these next door neighbors.
These friendly folks stand out front and Visit With Me.  Especially the dad.  He talks with me about the kids and about their plans and, remarkably,
 about the
: :
: :
Turns out I have my own personal professional weather man living right next door to me. This is not only convenient for me, but for them too, you see, I have a pool and they dont.
 They love to swim and I dont.
It's a match made on the North Side!
(which is what we've come to call ourselves,
as opposed to our dear neighbors on the South Side!!)
oh my.
now, don't get your pannies in a bunch, this isn't their REAL house;
Im just having fun.
But he really IS a weather man, on the local tv station, so along with all the latest goings on of his family and ours, we also discuss   In Detail   all the pertinent weather information I would ever need to know including a daily rendition of
"What's The Temperature In The Neighbors Pool?"
He would go in our backyard and tape a session with his kids showing the changing temperature in the pool and  then play it on TV with the forecast!!!
Summer is the perfect season to have lots of fun and during the summer season, you can be fooled into thinking it will last forever!

The summer is so much fun; Just like my Grandneighbors!
We shared several fun, witty and funny years next door to each other, through the different seasons of their young lives

 But alas, as it always does, the season must come to an end

And sadly, as is typical in the world of a TV Weatherman,
this dear family is moving away.

Another family will move in, and a new season will begin,,,,
But THIS Family

will remain dear in my heart forever.


  1. Love the way you write. . . its just like having a conversation with you! Here is to seasons that change. . . and friends that don't!
    Great blog :)