Monday, October 22, 2012

Sewing Lessons

Because of you I Can Do This:
 I made this neat little baby blanket for the wife of one of the guys at our office who is having their first baby, a BOY (could you tell?) One of my friends made one (albeit a much better, cuter, neater, more refined one) of these "Crazy Quilts" for my dear DIL for her first baby and it TOTALLY inspired me!  
Thank you Sheila for the wonderful little quilt you made for my wonderful little granddaughter, and for Inspiring Me to try to make one too, which I did. See?
I found a group of coordinating fabrics and cut them into squares and sewed them together which was Step One.
 Then came the fun part.  I bought a book, 
 ok Two books of embroidery stitches, to give me ideas and I sat down to Stitch all the different stiches over the seams on the quilt, which was Step Two.
Hand stitching makes me feel so good. But Wha?!?  What's This?
I turned the page in my book to find a new stitch and what do I see? One of my dear sons (the tallest one) has left a little Love Note for me:
Isnt' that precious :/!!!

 It's weird how I see the ridges on the fingernails of my Grama Siemens as I'm doing my stitching.  Put a needle and thread in my hands and BAM! Just like that Im 7 again and Im sitting on the couch next to Grama Siemens watching her work on her 'hand work'.  Grama Siemens was a professional seamstress and made clothes from home for lots of the women in her small town.  Every time Id go to Grama's she'd take me in her sewing room and show me the latest projects that she was working on for 'her ladies'.  
(That's what she called her clients, Her LADIES, isn't that adorable?!?)
There's a lot of good embroidery stitches on line too and I found a bunch of them to inspire me.  It didnt actually take as long as I though it would to finish all the hand stitching on the little quilt but still, it's a good thing to have a deadline, which is what I had.  I wanted to get this little Crazy Baby Quilt done for the shower our office was having for the guy in our office having his first baby.  You know how they say, "if it weren't for the last minute, none of us would get anything done at all" so I was on a deadline to get this little quilt finished!

And now that all the hand stitching's done, it's time to put the backing on. That would be Step Three.
How hard could that be, right? Oh Dear.
I thought I was going to cut strips of fabric, miter the corners & sew it onto the edge of my quilt, then sew that onto the fabric that I had for the backing.  Yikes! where's my Grama Siemens when I need her?  Now let's see, how would she have done this?  On the sewing machine of course! Oooooh this is not going to be pretty.  The sewing machine is Not my friend.  'I'd rather sew a whole dress by hand than have to face my machine' is what I always say. You've heard me say that, right?
Well the truth is, I DO know how to use my sewing machine because Grama Siemens wasn't the only one in the family who knew how to sew, my MOM had me sewing on a machine at home since I was little, SO,,,  
I Can Do This!!

THANKS Mom!!! You taught me when I was little and now that Im big I actualy have the ability to pull this off! 
 I decided for myself that, based on the current inspiration I received from my friend Sheila, 
and the past inspiration I received from my Grama, 
put together with all the sewing lessons I received over the years from my Mom 
and I Can Do This!!
Sew I did.
Now,  about all those piano lessons...

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