Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Egg Sandwich

Well it's official; TJ & I are in the Sandwich Generation!!
Our life is filled with loved ones on Both ends

On one end we LOVE spending time with our Grandkids playing Checkers and Fish Farts and such.

Oh Man, Papa's really got Bryan stumped now!!

And on the other end we're ever so glad to be helping our folks with what they need these days.
Tom's dad got to go Home 4 years ago and now Mom is ready to move down from their mountain home to the valley where we are, and that means sorting through their life-time of stuff/things/treasures trying to figure out what to take and what to do with what she doesn't need from the house and the garage and the barn and the shed and how must it feel for TJ to sort through his dad's workshop?!?

This isn't even HALF of it!!  This is after 5 or 6 DAYS of sorting, Sorting, SORTING!!
Being in the Sandwich Generation has it's nuances. I prefer to make my own mayo for my sandwiches which means I put eggs in a bowl of warm water before cracking them into the food processor to make my own mayo. 

Add some salt, a dash of vinegar & S L O W L Y pour in the oil
 to make a smooth magic mayo for the Egg Sandwiches that TJ & I like.

Oh My Goodness EGGS!!! 

My dear friend Nancy found a Hummingbird Nest in her back yard and it has EGGS in it, Im SO EXCITED!!!!  At first there was only one egg but then about a Week later, there were TWO!!

I read on line that a Momma Hummingbird waits to incubate the first one till the second one comes along.  Goodness!  So now there's TWO and she's sitting on those eggs ~ until I come around to take photos and then she flies off to let me see her tiny treasures. It's so interesting and beautiful!! The nest is made from moss and feathers and lichen and I dont know what that tan stuff is but the whole thing is just Beautiful, isn't it?!?!  I read on line that the Momma uses Spiderwebs to hold it all together How Does THAT Happen? and you can SEE how she's used the spiderweb to ancher it to the branches nearby, Unbelievable!!
Then after a bit she comes back and starts to BUZZ me and Chirp at me to let me know visiting hours are OVER! 
My camera can take 3.7 photos in 1 second which is how long it took her to fly in, land on the nest and get snuggled back in where she belongs, all the while she was Flaring her Red Iridescent throat at me:

And then Glared at me!!
She's either an Allen Hummingbird, or an Anna Hummingbird, or a Rufous Hummingbird
or maybe She's A Ruby Throated Hummingbird!  Im going to have to do some more research because Honestly I think she's an Anna even though she does have red on her throat. But it was only red like that when she was Flaring at me.  I think she did that at me, Flared Her Chest Red at me to let me know to Beware!!
Isn't that something?

And Look! At first the eggs were all white, 
and then about a week later there was a horizontal line around the eggs and half of it was ever so slightly pinkish,,, see??  That must mean those are little Girl hummingbirds in there!!  
And then a few days later the pink grew and Now Look ~ 
The Pink Part is getting Bigger Im So Excited!!!
These little cuties are going to hatch any day now I just know it. 

And I'll show them to you just as soon as the little darlings emerge. And even though I have home made mayo at home for the egg sandwiches that TJ & I like so much I Promise you 
 I. Wont. Eat. These!!!


  1. Great blog Lynette, LOVE the hummingbird business you have going on. My mom has had a nest on her patio before and what an education we all got watching that momma bird.

  2. Oh Cindy how Fortunate for you (and me!). I understand its very rare to find one, I hope you took photos!!