Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Early Bird

Things don't always work out the way you want them to, or even they way they should.
I'm sorry to have to report,,,

that our sweet little hummingbird eggs have not, and
 will not hatch.
Something has happened to the momma.  
We noticed she was gone, and when we started paying close attention, we realized she was not coming back. By the 4th day we knew, these precious little eggs just were not meant to be birds.
We don't know for sure what happened to the momma; did a mean ol' neighbor cat get her or did she simply abandoned the eggs?  NO, I'm SURE she wouldn't do that.  Remember how she flared at me before, in defending her eggs? No momma would abandon her babies for any reason!! The ONLY reason she would do that is if she COULDN'T come back, Im Sure of That!!

I've consoled myself with the idea that, really, it's better like This, for her to be gone before they hatched, than if the momma had disappeared After they had hatched.  THAT would've been terrible!! "Those poor babies would be dealing with abandonment issues for years" TJ said; so it's better this way I suppose.

I was so sad that I stayed away from Nancy's house for days.  And finally, I asked her, "If the momma's not coming back, and if they're not going to hatch, can I have the nest and the eggs?"  
Of course she said, "Of Course"!
So Sunday I went to pick them up and on Monday Nancy reads this  in her morning reading, and tells me "NOW I know why you wanted them!"

That little nest was absolutely glued down tighter than a drum.  What's tighter than a drum?  I have no idea, but when I tried to get that little nest to take home, it would not come loose from the branch so Nancy snipped the branch off for me and in the process one of the little eggs popped out of the nest and fell down!!!
Oh No!!
Well we picked it up, and looked at it cause even though I wanted to keep both eggs in the nest, we were  curious to see how far the birds had grown in the egg.  
Not very far. 
It's just a little blob of a would-be hummingbird  in there.  A Very Little Blob.
So these little eggs in this sweet amazing little nest is all I have for this year.

Remember last year?

Dear friend Nancy found a hummingbird nest in her back yard last year too, but by time we saw it, the baby hummingbirds had hatched and grown, and one actually fell out of that nest and DIED, but I got to get a photo of the other one
which was just about to fly the coop which is a silly phrase isn't it?
Chickens have coops but Dont Fly and birds Fly, but not from their coops, they fly from their NESTS
which is exactly what happened this year;
 the momma hummingbird flew from her NEST and never came back =((

 So I brought the tiny nest home on the branch that it's glued to, and oh my goodness is it ever Tiny.
Just look at the comparison!!  
On the left are Quail eggs and on the right are Chicken eggs:
"but the young you may take for yourself, in order that it may be well with you and that you may prolong your days."

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  1. Oh! What a disappointment! But, what if, Momma Hummingbird IS still alive. Birds can sense when there isn't movement inside the eggs, so, what if there was something wrong with the eggs and they weren't developing or something. Maybe THAT is why Momma didn't come back. Maybe, right as I type this, she is building another nest somewhere and starting over... I think that's what I want to believe...

    I loved all the photos on FB!