Wednesday, May 7, 2014

BAD Boys

 Say Good Bye to these Bad BOYS!!
This is an Exclusive Club: GIRLS ONLY
No Boys Allowed
If I could have chickens and if I started out with cute fuzzy little baby chicks who were Supposed to all be Pullets, which is what young hens are called, I would Hope that they truly WERE Pullets and Not Cockerels which is what young ROOSTERS are called.
I'd have no idea that that sweet little fuzzy chick WITHOUT the chipmunk stripe on it's head was a sign, or that that very curious white one with fuzzy cheecks didn't belong:
Oh Dear.

Some breeds of chickens are easier to tell the girls apart form the boys.  I was pretty suspicious of "Hazel" early on. "She" was a sweet-natured thing, curious and friendly and although girls typically Like combs for their hair, THIS comb did not look very feminine.  All girls can have waddles, and I mean ALL of us girls, but none the less THESE waddles were just looking a little too bright, a little too early for my taste.
And "Lillian".  Oh Lillian, you're so bossy!  You are outright Mean and WAIT!  Stop that chest-bumping!  That is just not becoming of you.  A proper girl just would not DO that!
So if I could have chickens it would be a Girls ONLY Club, No Boys Allowed because as beautiful as the boys become, I'm in TOWN here remember?  If I had chickens I would NOT have a rooster that might give us away!  So Give Away it is would be with these Bad Boys.
Hazel who might become HANK would be obvious enough and when Lillian grew a Three-Row'd pink Pea Comb, that was would be the 'last straw' as they say.  Off to the farm with you two!!! 
 The most Wonderful folks at Wise Acre Feed and Supply will be a great place for you!  You'll have lots of friends there, and you'll be 'happy' doing whatever Rooster thing you might do but it won't be here in town with me and my Girls no sir-Ree!!
 If I could have chickens it'd Bye-Bye with you Bad BOYS!!!

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