Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Oh if I could have chickens this Chicken Keeping nonsense would just get better and better – I’ve seen these cute little wire basket/balls on line that you put the chicken treats in.  It gives the girls something to play with and keeps them busy while they peck at their treats but you have to buy the dang thing and pay shipping and handling and I would rather just make one of my own from these Strawberry Baskets and some wire and some wire ties.
And then my Newest BCFF (that’s Best Chicken Friend Forever for those of you who don’t yet speak cackle) would call me and says she’s coming over with her husband to see my coop! (if I had chickens) 
Yikes I had better comb my hair (get it ~ ‘comb’!!!)  
 So she'd come over here, 
Wateremellon!! for Lucy, Maugret and Helen Elizabeth
Alas, the Pecking Order. 
 and then I'd go there to see her girls and we'd talk coop all morning long!!! 
That's Rachel on the left, Princess Di and Alyssa are the white silkies with Aubrey the black silkie =))
 Nevermind cleaning house or doing laundry, something’s are IMPORTANT
like Her Coop 
Audrey in the back, Princess Di and Alyssa the white silkies
 which is Just Adorable!!!

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