Thursday, May 1, 2014

IF I could have Chickens

 IF I could have Chickens in my backyard, which I cant because I live in town where you cant have chickens, but IF I could I would get chickens that lay BLUE or GREEN or BROWN eggs!!!
 I've heard that Ameraucana's  lay BLUE or GREEN eggs.  And that they're super cute with Mutton Chops and Beards!!!
and that Rhode Island Red's are super nice chickens and lay BROWN eggs.  
THAT's the kind I would get.  Not very many, mind you, cause you're not supposed to have chickens in town where I live so I'd only get a few and NO ROOSTERS, 
only Hens which are called PULLETS when they're young.
Of course I wouldnt have eggs right away because cute little baby chicks can't lay eggs.  
It takes 20 weeks for a cute little fluffy baby chick to grow up and be mature enough to lay eggs; which on the one hand isn't very long but on the other hand is FOUR AND A HALF MONTHS to wait for eggs!!! which is long enough to Build A Chicken Coop that the chickens would need in my backyard IF I could have chickens where I live.

So IF I could build a chicken coop in my backyard, I think I might want it to look like THIS: 
I'd use some neat old fencing that was left over from when we tore down a section of our fence and replaced it with new.  Brett used some of it last year to make a Wonderful neat photo frame for me  that I just Love! 
And if I used old 'reclaimed' fencing wood, it would give my coop character and make it seem as though it 'belonged' in my backyard, right?  Oh and look at this cute little Gothic shaped window!!  
I've had this old thing for years!  
I've threatened to throw it out or yard-sale it, but it's so cute I just couldn't bear to give it up.  The one end of my Coop would be the perfect spot for this old window built into the old wood fencing I would use for a Coop. If I could have one.

My dad is a retired home builder, I'm SURE he would help us build it if I could have a coop in my backyard. He and Tom would study the plans I'd drawn and they would figure out just how to do it!!
 I did look into it and found out that,,, 
Well as long as your neighbors are ok with it, why not?  
So I checked on the West side, and on the East side; and of course the "South-Side" folks were good with it (as long as there's a few eggs in it for them later on if you know what I'm sayin'?...)

It's wonderful to have capable, big, strong grown sons who would come and help build the coop.  
But alas, TJ was not all that interested.

"Why don't you put it over THERE, on THAT side of the yard?" he asks.  Oh no, that would never work for me, 'Out of sight - Out of mind, you know!'  No, I would want it HERE, right where I could see the cute thing and keep track of it =)).  
"Well,"  (here it comes, the inevitable TJ question) "how much would it cost?"  Look! 
I'd show him that I'd use this old used fencing and this old super cute window, and my friend Tami has some old siding she said I could have for the roof!  It wont hardly cost a dime!!! 
And he wouldn't answer me.
So I'd move along and check with my dad about the size of the coop and the framing needed for the run and such and, eventually we could be on our way!!!  
 It would be so much fun,
and before you know it the cute little baby chicks would be growing up enough to actually move INTO it!!
If ONLY I could...

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