Monday, May 5, 2014

Ka-Lick went the gate latch.....

 Ooooooh Deeeear....
That's not a good thing.
If I had a chicken coop, my Dad might have installed a really cool, neat rusty old gate latch on the outside of the door to the coop.  He would have warned me I'm sure, about not going in when no one was home because there's no string to pull it open from the inside and I could get locked in the coop if the gate latched while I was in there.  If I had a chicken coop and he had been there to install that gate latch, he would have told me that he didn't have his drill with him to drill the hole that day, to put the string through the hole; he'd tell me that until the string was through the hole, 
I Could Get Locked Inside the Coop. 
 If I had one.

So the very next day when 3 year old Grandson was over in the morning, we might go out to say Good Morning to the chickens, 
 and I'd be careful that the latch didn't latch when we went in, except that as careful as I might be, the coop door might get bumped and I might hear that terrible sound:
Oh No.

Mommy had dropped Christian off to stay with Grama while Mommy went to her appointment.  She wouldnt be back for an hour and a half!

Christian and I are would be Locked In The Chicken Coop?!?!?!  That's EXACTLY what I Didnt want to happen!!! And what would I do?
That coop would be well-built to keep All predators out; No Way In and No Way Out!  The 'girls would be safe in there... and so would Christian and I!!

Luckily, I would have my phone with me and I could send out and SOS
Oh how embarrassing!!!
 I had to ask TJ
But there was No Answer so I asked Callen 
Who didnt answer till MUCH later:

And I asked Brett!
I wouldn't take any pictures of Christian and me and the girls right then cause I might be a bit nervous knowing we were could-be Locked In The Chicken Coop while we sang songs and played with the chickens and counted and played alphabet games and sang more songs and oh MY how long does it Take for someone to answer an SOS!!!! 
Well Im sure that I would stay calm the whole time until FINALLY Brett The HERO would come and Let. Us. Out!!! Followed immediately by Brett The HERO drilling a hole and tying a string to the Inside of the coop.
And THAT would be a story and an experience that Christian and I would remember for a Looooong time.
 IF I could have chickens....

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