Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Lewis Creek 2015

Once again we went to hike Lewis Creek on New Years Day and this time I did NOT fall and break my leg!  Well I didn't actually Break my leg last year, but I did fall and twist my ankle and I cried! It was swollen and sore but I Was Ok!!

This year the little waterfall was half frozen over!  
Pretty, isn't it!!
 It's called Red Rock Falls, why? I have No Idea! But it sure is pretty with the light shining through the back like that, isn't is?  Our whole hike was planned according to exactly when that light would shine from behind it, right? Nope, not at all, we just got really lucky that day!  Yay, Thank the Lord!! Why He has favor on us I have no idea, but Im sure glad He does!
After the light was gone, these other hikers came along with their cameras and tripods.  The one guy started bragging about his photos and his web sight and ... blah blah blah.  He very well may be fantastic, I have no idea, I just know he missed the light shining behind the little half frozen waterfall and Im So glad I got to see it!!

Then on our way out, we saw these super cool, mushrooms growing out of the trees. Far-out man! 
Dude, check it out! 
Right On, these look like Pancakes. Way Cool!
And I'm told they're really good with rainbow sprinkles and unicorns but I have No Idea how to do that!!